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Suzette Lohmeyer

Suzette Lohmeyer is a freelance writer based in Arlington, Va.
Cloud & Infrastructure

California’s first responders locate callers faster, more accurately

A cloud-powered, web-based mapping tool harnesses data from Apple and Google to track people within meters of their location.

Data & Analytics

User feedback powers HMDA's accessible data tool

To make the massive Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data more accessible to the public, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focused on user feedback as it built a browser that filtered data from over 35 million records.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Fast, accurate disaster recovery delivers access to critical services

Oregon's disaster recovery-as-a-service system ensures eligibility information for critical health and human service programs is accessible in the event of an outage.

Data & Analytics

When overdue tax notices are easy to understand, they get paid

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue leveraged behavior science to get taxpayers’ attention and encourage payment with creatively designed notices.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Connect2LACity changes a city’s attitudes about working from home

Within a few weeks, 18,000 city employees had secure access to the city’s internal apps and websites through any device.

Data & Analytics

Crowdsourced mapping for flood tracking, prediction

In Norfolk, Va., researchers use drone video on YouTube, a mobile app and GIS software to analyze regional flooding.

Data & Analytics

Getting medical equipment to wounded warfighters

The Patient Movement Item Asset Tracking System leverages RFID tracking and an innovative enterprisewide asset management system to ensure the military has the medical equipment when and where it needs it to aid any wounded warfighter.

Flight data at your fingertips

The Aero app provides the more than 25,000 pilots who use it with cloud-based access to the latest maps and route plans.


How LA corralled its security data

Los Angeles’ Integrated Security Operations Center consolidates all departmental cybersecurity into one central system.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Bringing big data to bear on infectious disease

With the Collaborative Advanced Analytics and Data Sharing toolkit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made sense of an outbreak in days rather than months.


Two-factor authentication in two weeks

HHS' low-cost, open-source 2FA solution protects users who connect to -- and is poised to do even more.

Beacons improve personal navigation for travelers, disabled

Beacon technology gets location-specific information to people exactly when and where they need it.

Data & Analytics

How cities use data to plan bike routes

An increasing number of cities are using data from video cameras and crowdsourced apps to track and plan the best way for bicyclists to get around.

State & Local

Radiological data, real time

RadResponder is a cloud-based radiation data collection system that gives first responders standardized services for managing radiation data.

State & Local

Link rot: What happens when the internet isn’t forever

Disappearing links and deleted videos plague the legal system from cop to court and everywhere in between.

Data & Analytics

Faster and more accurate flood prediction

StormSense, a new flood forecasting project, will give emergency managers in coastal towns flood predictions so accurate that residents can be notified if they need to move their car one street over.

Data & Analytics

Not new, but different, data to improve health

The Hewlett Packard Real-Time Health System prototype incorporates big data not commonly found in the clinical space to augment health records managed by patients' care providers.

State & Local

The many benefits of DC's mobile-coverage map

What began as a project to improve service in city buildings has produced a surprising range of payoffs.

Data & Analytics

Disease detection platform maps Zika fast -- with surprising accuracy

HealthMap automatically aggregates more than 200,000 data sources and uses natural language processing and proprietary algorithms to tag, filter, analyze, validate and map real-time surveillance of emerging public health threats.

Solving art history mysteries with open data

Making provenance data open and accessible gives more people information about a piece’s sometimes sordid history, including clues that might uncover evidence of Nazi confiscation.