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Tim Henderson

Tim Henderson is a staff writer for Stateline, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
Data & Analytics

Census delay spells election chaos for states

With the census data needed to draw new legislative districts delayed until fall, some states are using alternative data, such as Census Bureau estimates of population and race, or approximations based on births and residential construction to estimate population down to the block level.

State & Local

Unemployment payments weeks late in nearly every state

Outdated systems have contributed to delayed payments and false fraud accusations, but modernization also has brought automated decision-making that sidelines legitimate applications.

State & Local

Coronavirus and the states: unemployment sites jam, evictions pause and more

A wave of laid-off workers, mostly from restaurants and bars that together form the nation’s largest private employer, overwhelmed state unemployment systems as states relaxed rules on coronavirus-related unemployment insurance.


States battle big tech over data privacy laws

Despite enthusiasm for more privacy rules by legislators and their constituents, many states found themselves bogged down this year in both the details of high-tech operations and industry complaints.

Data & Analytics

How the census will reach the new urban millennials

With young urban renters unlikely to respond to nudges by mail, phone or strangers at the door, the Census Bureau is developing social media and other internet publicity that will encourage potential respondents to log in and fill out a form.

Data & Analytics

Census prep vital to states' power -- why some could miss out

Less than a 2 percent difference in the 2020 population count could mean gaining or losing a congressional seat.

State & Local

The mystery of Pittsburgh: How some shrinking cities are thriving in the new economy

Sterling academic institutions have helped bring tech jobs and innovation to the area, keeping the city's educated young population growing even as the overall number of residents declines.

State & Local

Census uncertainty spurs state action to prevent undercounting

To ensure that all their residents get counted, states are coming up with creative solutions to verify the Census Bureau's residential address list.

Federal E-Verify law would mean major changes for U.S. employers

Congress is set to debate a national E-Verify mandate that would require every U.S. employer to use the federal online service to screen all new hires and for the first time allow the screening of current employees.


Attacks, crashes underscore need for new 911 systems

Recent disruptions in legacy 911 emergency-response systems point up the urgent need for new technology, but few states or localities can afford the upgrades.