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William Welsh

William Welsh is a freelance writer covering IT and defense technology.

New tools ahead for DOD’s global grid

DISA is working on multiple initiatives for the Global Information Grid that will substantially boost network situational awareness and increase protection against relentless cyberattacks.


How NDU's Childs gave iCollege a global scope

GCN's 2013 Hall of Fame honoree partnered with defense ministries around the world, transforming the iCollege into a global hub while strengthening core graduate programs.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How troops in Afghanistan get a clear view of intell

The Army's DSC, the first tactical deployed cloud in a war zone, gives soldiers in Afghanistan full access to intelligence and fast response to queries.

5 open-source technologies powering the Army's battlefield cloud

The tactical intelligence network in Afghanistan has essentially unlimited capacity.

Data & Analytics

Air Force addresses flaws in wide-angle surveillance system

The Air Force responded quickly to reports circulating this week that the Gorgon Stare battlefield surveillance system is flawed and unfit for deployment.

Air Force buys new tools for intelligence workstations

Lockheed Martin Corp. will upgrade workstations for the Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System under a new task order.

Army accepts first air defense battery operations center

The Army has accepted delivery of the first mobile battery engagement operations center for integrated air and missile defense from Northrop Grumman Corp., company officials said Aug. 17.

The making of a stealth UAV

The next-generation of unmanned aerial vehicles will have stealth attributes and other capabilities that would give them a higher chance of survivability against ground and air threats on long-range strike missions, reports Colin Clark at DOD Buzz.

Emerging Tech

Sensors warn of soldier brain injuries

BAE Systems will furnish sensors for helmets worn by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that can help warn of possible brain trauma resulting from close proximity to bomb explosions, reports

Space sensor will help uncover insurgent activity

The Air Force is getting ready to deploy a hyperspectral imaging sensor in space that will boost the amount of real-time tactical surveillance data available to battlefield commanders.


Air Force, HP to deploy cyber monitoring system

HP Enterprise Services will furnish the Air Force with a new command and control system capable of boosting its cyber defense capabilities under a new contract.

BP asks for military tech to contain oil spill

Oil giant BP plc has requested assistance from the Defense Department for advanced underwater imaging technology and remote operating vehicles that are not available commercially to contain the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Space plane to make house calls for satellite repairs

The Air Force this week will test the flight capabilities of a new generation of unmanned space planes designed to transport satellite components to space, reports John Reed at Defense News

CACI to assist Army with battle command training

CACI International Inc. will assist the Army with its efforts to train battle command staff under an $8.7 million contract.

Afghanistan tests limits of unmanned sensors

The rural nature of Afghanistan is creating a huge demand for intelligence information and also serving as a proving ground to test new sensors designed to detect enemy threats and locations, reports David Fulghum at Aviation Week.


Air Force rules target BlackBerry security

The Air Force will put in place this month strict rules and regulations governing how its personnel are allowed to use Air Force-issued BlackBerry smart phones as a way to improve security associated with the devices.


Cyber Command hits speed bump

The Senate Armed Services Committee this month put the brakes on the creation of the U.S. Cyber Command, requesting more information on its relationship with the National Security Agency, reports Bill Gertz at Washington Times.

DOD seeks robot that can dig into its targets

A request for information from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency brings to mind technology portrayed in the 1960s British television series the Thunderbirds, reports Graham Warwick at Aviation Week’s Ares Blog.

Emerging Tech

Air Force wants to fuse C2 across domains

The Air Force Research Laboratory is inviting contractors to submit white papers on revolutionary information technologies that can advance the integration of command and control capabilities across cyber, air and space domains.

GSA, DISA launch commercial satellite solicitation

The General Services Administration has added two new special item numbers for commercial satellite communications services to Federal Supply Schedule 70.