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Wilson P. Dizard III

Web extra: Q&A with Marianne Bailey

Marianne Bailey, director of the Unified Cross Domain Management Office, discusses technologies to improve information sharing among Defense and intelligence community agencies.

Defense in a wiki world

Military and intelligence agencies look to harness the data-sharing power of new technologies while keeping the risks at bay.


FBI's billion-dollar biometric plan

The FBI launched a multibillion-dollar upgrade to its Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System: Next Generation Identification project.

The FBI's expanding data center

The Criminal Justice Information Services division upgrades a 100,000-square-foot data center with thousands of miles of cables while providing around-the-clock services to its crime-fighting customers.

Air Force tests new broadband IT

The Air Force's Cyber Command sponsored tests of the Tactical Targeting Network Technology for air-to-ground broadband communications.

Pentagon tweaks MASINT methods

The Defense Department has issued new directives on how it builds Measurement and Signature Intelligence projects, which typically use advanced systems to glean data from merged sensor information.


DHS unveils foreign-passenger screening system

Electronic System for Travel Authorization will automate and expedite DHS data checking of travelers from visa-waiver countries who are coming to the United States.

Blogosphere is pivotal ally in Texas election


Shake n' Bake BlackBerry security


Curtains for the Tempest threat?


Big Brother may listen in Britain



Physical device recognition to the rescue

Hardware fingerprinting technology migrates from fighting software piracy to shielding infrastructure.

Open source, proprietary codes include similar mistakes

A two-year study of more than 55 million lines of code showed that open-source systems include a variety of errors that closely track those found in software written for proprietary systems.


SANS contributes funds, expertise to global cybersecurity group

SANS Institute has announced a $1 million contribution to the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Terrorism and is sharing technical information with the organization.

State & Local

New IA centers to receive grants, scholarships

DHS and the NSA jointly unveiled the first group of universities chosen as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research.


HSPD-12 gets a fair deal

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner Mike Butler draws on ID card experience.


Tax rebates spawn new school of phishing

Social engineering ploy tricks computer users into divulging personal information that cybercriminals use to bilk unwary taxpayers.


Lawmakers question PASS card security

In letters circulating in Congress, members of the House Homeland Security and Judiciary committees have pressed DHS and State to improve PASS card security.


When to hold 'em

Travel credential programs rely on a combination of technologies.


PASS cards' memory in dispute

Critics claim DHS overlooked more secure optical memory for border cards.