Digital Government Strategies: A New Era of Digital Services

For years, government agencies have been looking to technology to improve their ability to deliver services to their various constituencies. But now they are really feeling the heat. Thanks to advances in the world of retail, banking, and other sectors, the idea of digital services has gone from being a novelty to being an expectation.

Are government agencies ready to keep pace? That was the underlying question in a recent survey of IT professionals across federal, state and local agencies, as well as their counterparts in industry. The survey explored several dimensions of this issue:

  • The case for digital services: Are agencies buying it?
  • What technologies do agencies see as key to enabling digital services?
  • Do agencies have the budgets they need to invest in new services? Do they have the staff?
  • Are agencies prepared to embrace the change in culture that comes with delivering services in a new way?
  • What’s the outlook for digital government in the long run?

The survey, conducted by Beacon Technology Partners on behalf of the 1105 Public Sector Media Group, suggests that the future is bright—but that there is much work still to be done.