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The Ride-Along: Intelligence Analysis for Real Time Crime Centers

On the first episode of "The Ride-Along" series, join IBM i2 Law Enforcement Subject Matter Experts as they talk about technologies and methods to more effectively and efficiently combat crime using intelligence analysis and real time crime centers.

Helping First Responders Cut Through the 5G Hype

The next big thing in wireless communications is on the horizon. 5G mobile technology will soon be available, bringing the promise of compelling new capabilities to transform public safety. Providing new functionality and greater network management controls, 5G will enable diverse applications for the future of public safety.

On Demand Webcast: How the Cloud Can Power Health and Human Services Modernization

Federal funding requirements and interagency objectives have propelled agencies to move forward with data sharing initiatives. Individual jurisdictional systems must be able to talk to one another, and ensure that data can easily move across these systems. Health IT solutions' are needed to streamline administration and reduce costs, to manage both care and care givers and support data sharing. For many states, the way forward is an incremental path of modernization.

Going Paperless: How to Do It and What You Will Gain

Paper-based processes consume time, and limited resources keep government agencies from fulfilling their missions of providing the best service to customers and constituents. Transitioning to digital can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn practical strategies to go paperless.

Threats, Fraud and Identity Theft: Keeping Credentials Safe and Secure

Conversations about identity security cover a broad range of topics, from the physical credentials in use today to the next generation of digital identities. Protecting against threats to identity security requires collaboration from multiple jurisdictions and security experts. In this webinar, we will look at fraudsters’ attempts to replicate or tamper with driver’s licenses and state issued IDs – both in the physical format and as digital IDs. We will outline best practices for managing digital credentials and provide a roadmap for future planning.

An Introduction to Dell Rugged Notebooks and Tablets, Reliable Performance

Whether your workers wield a sledgehammer, are first responders or work in field services, having the right resilient mobile technology is a necessity. They need notebooks and tablets that will survive harsh conditions like extreme heat, a drop to the ground, or a splash in a puddle.