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Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Whitepaper

This IBM Redbooks publication describes and demonstrates common, prescriptive scenarios for setting up disaster recovery for common workloads using IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, and WebSphere MQ between two IBM PureApplication System racks using the features in PureApplication System V2. The intended audiences for this book are pattern developers and operations team members who are setting up production systems using software patterns from IBM that must be highly available or able to recover from a disaster (defined as the complete loss of a data center).

Tools for Making Cloud and On-Premises Systems Work Together: Whitepaper

In this white paper, you’ll learn how tools for continuous development, patterns for scaling infrastructure, resources for managing APIs, and highly flexible application servers can help meet your goals, as well as meet management and market demands. you’ll be able to see how tools like IBM DevOps, IBM StrongLoop, PureApplication, UrbanCode Deploy, IBM Cloud Orchestrator, and WAS Liberty can take you and your company to the next level across mobile, cloud, and on-premises systems.

Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT) Streamlines with DocuSign: Whitepaper

Check out this great case study of how Nevada DOT overcame huge paper bottle necks to earn the Cashman Good Government Award from Nevada Taxpayers Association by streamlining processes with DocuSign.