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The Skies Clear for the Cloud: Asset

State and local agencies have made huge strides in their shift to the cloud over recent years to run applications, manage workloads and communications, and store and analyze massive amounts of data. However, not all agencies are completely forsaking on-premises infrastructure. Download this Market Insights Report to discover the findings from a recent survey conducted by GCN and Nutanix to explore the reasons some agencies are considering cloud for some functions and sticking with on-premises environments for others - and why.

Hyperconvergence Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency: Asset

Are you running multiple systems and hardware types within your data center? Is a lot of that hardware ready for a refresh? Download this informative report to learn how the Harris County, Texas, district attorney’s office reduced its data center footprint by 80 percent, reduced downtime, and increased resiliency by shifting away from a traditional setup.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Intelligence: Asset

Today’s cyber actors are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of getting past any network security. Organizations must evolve, replacing traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt these threats. Learn what you need to adjust in your current security strategy to your defense into a proactive offense.