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Cloud Encryption Gateway: Enabling Security and Compliance of Sensitive Data in Cloud Storage: Whitepaper

Companies are increasingly reliant on cloud storage and are storing sensitive data in cloud storage, which could be vulnerable to security threats. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway is a scalable solution that provides the security to use the cloud fully without sacrificing performance.

Fighting the Bad Guys with Advanced Cyber Threat Analysis: Infographic

Many organizations feel that their systems are safe behind heavy layers of perimeter security, but the truth is that most cyber threats only need to exploit a single vulnerable point to gain access. These threats can live within the system go by for months without being detected. Incorporating Cyber Threat analysis can help combat these threats more quickly. Cyber Threat Analysis can be used to uncover hidden connections and patterns in large and disparate data sets, and take an intelligence-driven approach to cyber defense. Check out this Interactive Demo to learn more!

Army ITES: Recharging the Enterprise: Whitepaper

The manner in which the Army procures its technology to run the Army enterprise continues to evolve almost as rapidly as the technology itself. New and revised contract vehicles provide sensible, cost-effective means of equipping the Army with the latest technologies, including cybersecurity and mobile technology. As Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley says, new and emerging technologies could “deeply change the character of war.”