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i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Threat Hunting: Whitepaper

Today’s cyber actors are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of getting past any network security. Organizations must evolve, replacing traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt these threats. i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next generation intelligence solution that enables organizations to incorporate cyber threat hunting into their security strategy and turn their defense into a proactive offense. It helps organizations uncover critical insights about their threats and threat actors so they can mitigate and counter more threats with a combination of multi-dimensional visualte analysis capabilities and advanced analytics.

i2 Analyst Notebook Premium: Whitepaper

i2® Analyst’s Notebook® Premium is a rich, data-centric analytical environment that helps analysts and investigators conduct investigative analysis to combat modern, sophisticated criminal, and terrorist activity. Designed for a single user, i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium helps reduce the time and costs associated with uncovering networks, patterns and trends that can be hidden in a mass of disparate data.

Public Sector Guide to Text Messaging Policy and Retention: 2017 Edition: Whitepaper

Learn the practical steps that will help your organization develop a text message policy and retention strategy to protect against the risk involved with use of this popular, universal form of communication. It also outlines smart text message records management practices so you’ll be better prepared to respond to open records requests or other e-discovery needs when they arise.