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NETCENTS-2 Makes Good Business Sense: Whitepaper

The Defense Department’s focus on net-centric war fighting has sharpened over the past decade. Along the way, its IT contract vehicles have become more important as a way to focus technology on that goal. Network Centric Solutions-2 (NETCENTS-2) is a critical contract vehicle to help the Air Force acquire technology tailored to its specific mission needs.

Building a More Efficient Government with eSignatures: Asset

Replacing manual paper-based systems with digital systems can help any federal agency operate more efficiently and experience tremendous cost savings. Something like an electronic signature system can also provide greater security and transparency. After all, electronic workflows and e-signatures have been a legal form of representation following the ESIGN Act of 2000. This paper details how reengineering processes to incorporate e-signatures can expedite federal agency workflows and improve efficiency, accuracy and security.

Case Study: DocuSign Delivers 70-fold ROI for Large Midwestern State’s Child Welfare Department: Asset

The Child Welfare Department in a large Midwestern state was experiencing backlogs in contract processing. Most contracts typically require as many twelve signatures that were extremely hard to secure in a timely fashion. An electronic signature seemed like the obvious answer. DocuSign’s e-signature system saved $70,000 annually and reduced contract processing from three weeks to less than an hour. This case study presents their experience with the e-signature system.