A Matter of National Security

A government is fundamentally responsible for keeping its citizenry safe and providing a secure environment in which people can pursue life, liberty, and happiness. As global politics and economics evolve, the manner in which governments conduct business must too. In many cases, this means adding new processes and layers of approvals, taking on new expenses for materials, and substantial investments in new technologies to keep up with demand.

Threats to national security come in all forms. Whether it’s a potential physical external attack, natural disaster, or cyber-crime, the government needs to be able to anticipate it and respond quickly. Adobe software such as Acrobat X, and Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection have transformed previously slow, expensive, and ineffective paper-based data processing into streamlined, efficient, and secure exchanges of vital information.

In this Case Study You'll learn:

  • Challenges of data collection, processing, and communication
  • Solutions Adobe software can provide
  • The benefits of standardizing on Adobe Products