Why should I care about PDF application security?

Because the PDF file type can be used for attacks, the days of licensing and deploying the lowest-cost PDF tool—without careful scrutiny of security—are long gone. When an organization’s reputation and survival depend on the ability of their security defenses to stay strong in the face of repeated attacks, it’s critical that they hold application vendors to a higher standard.

This white paper shares the results of third-party security testing to demonstrate how Adobe software outperforms other PDF solutions on the market when it comes to protecting organizations from attacks that could lead to disastrous consequences. It explains why businesses must assess the security of the applications they use to view and create PDF files with the same intense scrutiny they use to assess their most business-critical applications by asking, among other things:

  • Which operating system (OS) mitigations are built into the software?
  • Does the software include measures that can prevent a crash from becoming exploitable?
  • What kinds of processes are in place—from product development to QA—for addressing evolving security threats?
  • And More.