How the City of Seattle Improved Efficiency and Security

Every day, lives depend upon Seattle’s critical services. Every day, these services are under attack. The City of Seattle’s Chief Information Security Officer, Mike Hamilton stated, “FireEye has become part of the operational fabric of this city. It has absolutely helped us to be extremely rapid in beating down the compromises we face every day.” Download this informative whitepaper to read more on how the City of Seattle effectively detects and responds to cyber threats.

Download the case study and find out:

  • About the critical infrastructure the City of Seattle safeguards—and why it’s increasingly being targeted
  • How legacy signature-based defenses were leaving the city’s assets exposed, while creating a lot of manual effort for staff
  • How staff spotted compromised assets within minutes of installing FireEye
  • How FireEye’s accurate threat detection enabled the team to build an efficient incident response process