Cloud & Infrastructure

Researchers envision a citywide testbed for future mobility

Chattanooga is expanding connected infrastructure on its gigabit fiber network to support autonomous vehicle and quantum computing research.

Senate passes debt ceiling bill, approves new work requirements for benefits

States will have to meet stricter rules for those receiving food stamps and welfare assistance. Some worry it will actually hamper states’ ability to help people get back to work.

Early funding allows states to explore broadband options

Vermont is using its share of the federal Capital Projects Fund for last-mile connections to underserved rural areas and boosting digital equity among disadvantaged residents.

Damage assessment tool streamlines data collection for disaster prep, response, recovery

The latest version of Accela’s damage assessment cloud service automates reporting and permitting workflow processes and uses external data to help municipalities identify the areas and structures most at risk.

What state unemployment modernization pilots get right

Pilot programs in two states focusing on identity verification and modular infrastructure for unemployment systems could set the stage for nationwide modernization.

New Mexico trying to build and train new workforce for broadband expansion

Officials anticipate a need for mechanical skills to set up internet services and educators to teach people how to use the technology.

The pros and cons of the debt deal for states and localities

The deal doesn’t claw back billions of dollars promised under the infrastructure and climate laws, but it does keep federal spending flat and adds work requirements for food stamp recipients.

IoT network streamlines state DOT traffic monitoring

With a cloud-based network management platform and cellular routers, the Indiana Transportation Department can easily monitor its statewide network of internet-of-things devices.

Solving digital inequity with resident input

The Golden State wants to hear from the public about their broadband connections and device accessibility to better understand how to address digital equity barriers.

Eliminating the speedbumps in EV charging station buildout

COMMENTARY | Energy management as a service gives EV charging station operators cloud-based tools for remote asset management and will help ensure they have the data to comply with the government’s 97% station uptime requirement.

State turns to the cloud to manage transportation projects

The Delaware Department of Transportation will track $3 billion in spending over the next five years with a cloud-based capital program management solution.

Combining GCN and Route Fifty: A note to our readers

We are merging our publications to better serve the state and local government community.

County’s integrated platform delivers client-focused social services

With HSD Dynamics, Maricopa County can easily share data with APIs, track metrics and automate manual tasks to ensure residents get the services they need.

Start students early to build semiconductor talent pipeline

Experiential learning combined with an emphasis on how chips can solve vital national security problems can help ease an expected worker shortage, one expert said.

How one city managed an IT staff consolidation

Lessons from Seattle’s years-long effort to consolidate IT workers from different city departments into a single agency.

New movie chronicles rise and fall of government’s first secure smartphone devices

COMMENTARY | BlackBerry devices were at one time almost completely ubiquitous in government service.

County looks to blockchain for records management

Riverside County, California, wants to convert paper-centric services to trusted, secure and private electronic operations with an interagency blockchain platform that would be open to other counties.