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SQL Server 2012 available for purchase

Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 has been released.

Cloud & Infrastructure

LulzSec Reborn? Military dating data dump may be work of reformed group

A band of hackers calling themselves "LulzSec Reborn" exposed the usernames and passwords of more than 170,000 subscribers to an online military dating service March 25. Or has it?


Was Windows RDP code leak an inside job?

Hackers may have had the jump on Microsoft even as it released a "critical" patch for a Windows Remote Desktop Protocol flaw in March. Five million machines could be exposed.


Harvesting your data? Suit alleges there are lots of apps doing that.

A class-action lawsuit filed in an Austin, Texas, court the week of March 12 alleges some of the most-downloaded mobile apps are stealing personal information without users' knowledge. Just who is responsible? There are some pretty well known names, including but not limited to Facebook, Apple and Twitter.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Playing well with Windows 8: Will other browsers work with the new OS?

Mozilla and Google say they are building Windows 8-enabled browsers, and Opera Software is looking into the possibility, too. Still, it may not be as easy as with previous Windows operating systems thanks to Microsoft's new "Metro" user interface.


Microsoft issues patch for serious RDP flaw

Company recommends quick action on the vulnerability, which could leave systems open to fast-spreading worms.


Microsoft's March security bulletin to tackle six vulnerabilities

Microsoft's monthly security update will feature six items -- one labeled "critical," four "important" and one moderate.


Chrome succumbs to Pwn2Own hacks, issues patch

Google's Chrome Web browser fell to multiple exploits March 7 at CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest, ending its two-year winning streak at the hacker contest.

Cloud & Infrastructure

New Adobe exploits leave Flash vulnerable -- again

Adobe released a patch late March 6 that targets two vulnerabilities in its Flash Player.

Data & Analytics

Big data deal: Microsoft aiming for Hadoop interoperability

Microsoft is aiming to make its Windows and other tools interoperable with Apache Hadoop, a key framework for agencies pursuing big data.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Microsoft's Azure cloud service goes dark

Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform is still in the process of recovering after a lengthy outage that affected multiple countries took it offline Feb. 29. Was Leap Day 2012 the culprit?

Cloud & Infrastructure

Apple, Google, MS, 3 others on board with mobile apps privacy mandate

A new agreement will call for app developers to provide clear information on their individual privacy policies before their products are downloaded.


IPv6 networks face aggressive attacks for first time

According to respondents to Arbor Networks' Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, cyberattacks are now targeting IPv6 networks more intensely, although the Internet protocol started implementation last year.

Emerging Tech

New Windows logo adopts Metro style

Microsoft's reveal and explanation of how it devised its new logo for Windows 8 is bringing us one step closer to the new operating system.


Adobe issues patch for 'critical' Flash vulnerability

A security update from the company fixes seven Flash Player vulnerabilities, including a zero-day cross-site scripting flaw reportedly being exploited in the wild.

Will patent ruling in Microsoft's favor spell the end for Android?

A court's "initial determination" on patent misuse against Barnes & Noble could further Microsoft's campaign against the Android operating system and, ultimately, Google, if it sticks.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Microsoft India store down after hack attack

Chinese hackers attacked Microsoft's store in India Feb. 12, making off with usernames and passwords of customers who have previously placed orders on the site.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.


Cyber criminals find new way to exploit old Office hole

Symantec has spotted a specially crafted Trojan that takes advantage of a previously patched Microsoft Word hole.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Windows 8 and its power-saving promise

More details are emerging about the power-saving capabilities of Windows 8 and how it works with applications.