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Ben Berliner

Ben Berliner is a former editorial fellow at FCW. He is a 2017 graduate of Kenyon College, and has interned at the Center for Responsive Politics and at Sunlight Foundation.

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States struggle to upgrade aging voting equipment

Eliminating vulnerabilities in voting equipment would require costly upgrades, better training and built-in security features, officials told a congressional task force.

Data & Analytics

Spotting fraud through better data analytics

HHS' cloud-based fraud and analytics platform is playing an essential role in developing integrated operations to better understand and prioritize investigations of waste, fraud and abuse.


IoT poses security risks for DOD

A new GAO report called for the Pentagon to strengthen its policies and guidance for connected devices.

Data & Analytics

How analytics can help agencies fight fraud

Data matching, predictive analytics and risk assessments can help managers not only spot and prevent fraud but also determine the best tech investments.

DevOps offers key to managing siloed systems, survey finds

Tighter integration between developers and operation teams builds confidence in being able to reduce problems and resulting downtime.

Data & Analytics

Beyond open data: Insights through analytics

A new book promises practical steps for leveraging data to deliver better government.