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S.M. Menke

Hi-res scans save rare books

'Somewhere down the road' computer monitors will show higher-resolution images than the Web's current 72 dots per inch, said Martin R. Kalfatovic, head of the Smithsonian Institution's New Media Office.

Tool takes ship temp

The Navy is using handheld Psion 5mx computers from Psion Teklogix Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, to reduce the need for sailor 'rovers' to visit dozens of thermometers in the hottest work areas of destroyers and amphibious vessels.

GX3 won't boot up without a fingerprint

The Pentium 4 TransPort GX3 notebook PC that MicronPC LLC released this month has three layers of biometric security'more than its predecessor.

Sky-written map

Three agencies last month pieced together 3-D, high-resolution topographic images of California with part of the data collected by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission in 2000.

VOA broadens Afghan access on news portal

To reach more Afghan citizens, the Voice of America has expanded its newscasts in the Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Uzbek and Farsi languages common in and near Afganistan.

FEMA plans to connect worlds of data

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is seeking proposals, due Nov. 21, for a mapping interoperability framework to combine spatial data from federal, state and local storehouses on the fly via the Web.

SAP protests HHS' choice of Oracle apps

SAP America Inc. has protested the Health and Human Services Department's planned acquisition of Oracle Federal Financials software. HHS wants the software for internal use and to unify Medicare contractors' accounting methods.

HHS will unify its Medicare accounting

The Health and Human Services Department last month launched a $328 million effort to unify accounting practices of Medicare insurers.

Compaq bundles PCs, services into monthly package

Government agencies can buy new Evo desktop and notebook PCs from Compaq Computer Corp. through per-seat deals, starting at $99 a month, that include help desk assistance, technology updates and asset reporting services.

Justice alters court strategy with Microsoft

The serpentine course of the Justice Department's antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. wound almost to an end last month.

FEMA offices on 24-hour alert

Last Tuesday's terrorist attacks at the Pentagon and World Trade Center prompted the Federal Emergency Management Agency to set up an emergency support team at its headquarters in Washington. All 10 FEMA regional offices were also put on alert.

House builds an XML foundation

The House of Representatives has drafted 110 Extensible Markup Language document type definitions for its legislative activities.

GSA finds feds pay SmartPay bills on time

Almost all government employees who hold SmartPay credit cards have been paying their bills on time, the General Services Administration found in its most recent delinquency report.

CIO Council will fund eight e-gov portal projects

The Chief Information Officers Council this month announced that its electronic-government committee has approved $1.2 million to fund eight cross-agency Web portals.

ICAT is free to good home for security check

The ICAT security metabase built last year by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is going into the public domain.

NASA tests IT on virtual Mars

During a dress rehearsal for future Mars missions, NASA and Army personnel and members of the Mars Society are testing a wireless technology designed for use on the red planet.