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Susan Menke

FTC, N-Data settle unfair trade case

The Federal Trade Commission today settled charges against Negotiated Data Solutions, which the agency said was competing unfairly in licensing patents under the Ethernet network standard.

Justice IG: Counterterror data sharing stalled

The Justice Department still cannot check the vast majority of U.S. visitors against the FBI's criminal master file, department's IG said today

DARPA funds dozens of new urban-warfare tools

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded 37 contracts for a variety of urban-warfighting technologies.

Company offers testing of Exhibit 300 documents

Agencies nervous about submitting their fiscal 2006 Exhibit 300 documents to the Office of Management and Budget in September can get an advance reading from Metier Ltd. of Washington, starting at $75,000.

Douglass: Civilian agencies stiffed on aerospace R&D

The Bush administration's proposed $19 billion for funding aerospace R&D 'is about right" for the Defense Department, but leaves civilian agencies in the cold, Aerospace Industries Association chief John W. Douglass said today.


Two agencies sign on to Sprint's IP fiber network

Two security-conscious agencies, the FBI and the Army National Guard, are signing on to Sprint Corp.'s Peerless IP fiber network.<br>


DHS, allies seek to close the top 20 software holes

The Homeland Security Department today joined with its U.K. and Canadian counterparts to promote universal closing of the top 20 software vulnerabilities on the SANS Institute's annual list.<br>


BlackBerry gets FIPS 140-2 nod

Research In Motion Ltd. has announced that its Java-based BlackBerry wireless e-mail devices have received Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 cryptographic validation.

GPS, meet Galileo

The State Department announced yesterday that it is pushing for interoperability between the U.S. Global Positioning System and the European Union's proposed competing system, called Galileo.


A new security concern: XML

The security alarms that sounded last month involved even the Extensible Markup Language, a tool for tagging, searching and reusing document content.

Soldier's PC takes to the field without B2C2

The Grunt II has everything going for it as a soldier's computer, except for B2C2 software. To be indispensable on the battlefield, a mobile PC should run the Army's Brigade and Below Command and Control software, written for Santa Cruz Operation Unix. But Unix (at least off-the-shelf Unix) lacks support for touchscreens, pens or PC Cards.