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Coast Guard's two-way alert system keeps partners informed

The Alert and Warning System 2.0 gets data directly to those who need it and lets them respond.

Cloud & Infrastructure

For USPS' Full Service program, the payoff is in the mail

The Full Service program builds on the Intelligent Mail foundation to create the infrastructure and processes necessary to gather scanner data, combine it with data from mailers, and produce actionable information for customers and USPS.

HHS Connect at a glance


HHS Connect sets standards for sharing medical information

A program involving more than 20 agencies establishes standards and creates the software necessary for federal organizations to exchange records.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Utah finance sites get up and running on a slim budget, using open-source tools

Using open-source tools, Utah's Division on Finance created Web site that gives users drill-down access to the state's financial data.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Utah uses Web sites to meet public demand for transparency

The Utah Public Finance Web site has drawn praise for its ease of use, the volume of information it offers, and the low cost of its development.

Unified messaging systems can make efficient use of your communications

Agencies can save time and money by combining e-mail, voice mail, faxes and videos onto a single platform.


Checklist: cross-domain identity management

What to consider before starting on a cross-domain identity management system.


An ID for all domains

Cross-domain authentication systems are difficult to implement, but they could be the only way to give some workers access to all the resources and data they need to do their jobs.

Full coverage

Asset-management software can help not only with inventory but with acquisition, configuration, tracking and replacement of an agency’s gear.

Finding the right data storage compromise

The Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment chose the ONStor Bobcat NAS gateway to connect servers without requiring a dedicated server.

Store more with less

Every agency faces a similar storage challenge: Store more data in a smaller space while keeping it easily accessible. Disk arrays provide one way to solve that puzzle.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Service as software

In choosing help-desk software, be sure to pick a program that can conform to your processes, not the other way around.


Raising the bar at USPS

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner John Edgar guides delivery of inventory, vehicle tracking systems.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Lines of site

Web analytics software can help improve how agencies interact with their users.

The edge for data centers

Blade servers save on space, power use and management while boosting utilization.

A pack of processors

Your choice of CPU can have long-lasting repercussions on your network's performance, security and power use.

Multiple-choice test

Multicore processors have speed to spare, but without the right software, they could wind up spinning their wheels.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Agency Award'Social Security Administration | Getting the bad news out faster

2007 GCN Award: SSA's Electronic Death Registration system delivers accurate records across state and private-sector lines.


RFP checklist | Biometric security

Here are the questions you should consider before committing resources to a particular biometric solution.