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  • Energy infrastructure critical in disaster response

    Local gov: Energy infrastructure critical in disaster response

    Local governments cite the importance of energy systems planning for disaster response.

  • Open data, analytics key to Police Data Initiative

    Open data, analytics key to Police Data Initiative

    The Police Data Initiative aims to accelerate the development of data transparency and analysis tools to build trust between local police and the communities they serve and improve internal accountability.

  • NY pilots program to teach English via mobile phones

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a program that will give English language learners free access to self-paced audio and text lessons through their mobile phones.

  • Struggling with sluggish VDI? Try graphics acceleration

    Adding graphics acceleration to a Texas town's virtual desktop system gave users performance equal to or better than their existing computers, accessible from almost any location.

  • Chicago busts bus bunching

    Chicago is implementing a Bus Transit Management System to address the "bunching" that has contributed to inefficiency in its public transportation.

  • When your phone tells you to stop texting and drive

    When your phone tells you to stop texting and drive

    An app alerts drivers sitting at red lights in Walnut Creek, Calif., that the light is about to change and refocuses them on the road.

  • DC turns to the cloud to boost building efficiency

    The District of Columbia has partnered with BuildingIQ to use its cloud-based based heating, ventilation and air conditioning management solution in eight government buildings.

  • Hiring cybersecurity staff is hard for states

    Facing recruitment, retention and retirement hurdles, states are finding creative solutions to attract and keep cybersecurity talent.

  • Frustrated drivers in traffic jam

    Big data takes on the traffic jam

    Inrix’s new services will help transportation officials better understand GPS-data driven traffic patterns.

  • scenedoc policing as a platform

    Policing as a platform helps Palm Springs slash paperwork

    SceneDoc’s mobile documentation platform lets police securely collect text, photos, video and audio in near real time, cutting multiple steps from the department’s workflow.

  • How to write a winning GCN Award nomination

    GCN Awards: Crafting a winning nomination

    Know of a great IT project and team that deserve some time in the spotlight? Involved in a project yourself that delivered great value or made a big difference for its users? Nominate those projects for a GCN Award. Here's how.

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