State & Local

  • Cellphone tower in florida

    Cities to test IP-only telephony

    AT&T is a rolling out broadband fiber and wireless 4G networks in two cities following a decision by the FCC to run trials of IP-based phone networks.

  • Disorder in the court? Check your beacon

    Beacon technology has inspired ideas for the public sector applications including ones to help people find their way around a courthouse or to locate the nearest bailiff.

  • man optimizing data center performance

    How to wring more performance out of data centers

    Data center managers are coaxing more performance from their systems with workarounds that will eventually be defined in software that makes better uses of storage media.

  • library

    Forever accessible archives? Michigan moves its records to the cloud.

    Michigan archivists chose Preservica, a Web-based workflow-based application that ingests and curates content of all types and stores it in the Amazon cloud.

  • business

    Maine launches tool to identify and combat corporate fraud

    Maine business owners and registered agents have a new tool that will notify them automatically of any filing completed against their businesses.

  • Chicago

    Open data front and center in Chicago

    Chicago recently released its first open data report, providing a progress report on current and new initiatives for 2014.

  • States to get security services to boost cyber info sharing

    The Department of Homeland Security is offering access to free managed security services as part of a renewed push for states to adopt new NIST cybersecurity guidelines.

  • protest

    NSA-bashing bills could hamstring cybersecurity info sharing

    Bills introduced recently at the state level could bar many technology companies from doing business not only with the NSA, but also with state and local government entities.

  • Tech refresh: Cook County to track county vehicles, automate inspections

    The Cook County Board approved technology upgrades to track the location of county vehicles and automate building inspections, in a move away from a paper-based system.

  • firefighters

    Free situational awareness app gaining traction among California firefighters

    The Next-Generation Incident Command System is being used by emergency management agencies in California for planning, response and recovery for risky and hazardous events – many of them wildfires.

  • Facial recognition tech takes on DUI offenders

    A portable device has combined traditional breathalyzers with facial recognition software to test for alcohol in lower level drunk drivers.

  • help

    Saving time and money with remote IT support

    The Port of San Diego's IT support staff has largely eliminated the need to lay hands on troubled computers through the use of virtual network computing.

  • health care

    How MassHealth cut Medicaid fraud with predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics system based on NetReveal fraud detection protects MassHealth from fraud and unnecessary expenditures.

  • AT&T, IBM to help cities build out Internet of Things

    AT&T, IBM join forces to help cities, utilities and commercial firms develop and capitalize on the Internet of intelligent devices.

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