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  • ICMA, SAS offer government performance analytics tool

    The cloud-based Insights application runs comparisons on metrics gathered from police, fire, trash collection and other permit issuing agencies.

  • Utah taps Google for high-res aerial imagery

    Utah taps Google for high-res aerial imagery

    A license with Google will give public sector groups in Utah more accurate imagery and allow them to share mapping data among agencies.

  • Warehouse fire raises questions on perishable public records

    A fire at a Brooklyn warehouse that destroyed personal records reignites the debate over paper vs electronic records.

  • DHS tests RF interference to improve emergency comm

    DHS tests RF interference to improve emergency comm

    The Department of Homeland Security and Mercer University partnered to test disruptions in the electromagnetic spectrum in order to improve first responder mobile communications.

  • Cellular on wheels

    Colorado to demo LTE safety network

    The LTE Demonstration Network will give first responders the chance to use some of the next generation LTE devices that will bring the power of broadband data to local, tribal, state and federal responders.

  • Analytics powers app for social workers

    Analytics powers app for social workers

    The Case Advice app pulls data from a variety of back-office systems and makes it available to case workers while they’re in the field.

  • FirstNet opens to feds; DHS on board

    FirstNet opens to feds, DHS on board

    FirstNet began discussions with agencies to see how they can best leverage the nationwide public safety network.

  • Michigan intros first of its kind Medicaid mobile app

    Michigan intros first of its kind Medicaid mobile app

    Partnering with the private sector, Michigan has created a mobile application for Medicaid recipients to view their medical records and coverage remotely.

  • Can EHRs power up for fight against epidemics?

    Can EHRs power up the fight against epidemics?

    Government health IT leaders say electronic health record systems can expand information sharing and help public health responders fight the spread Ebola and future viruses.

  • Chicago builds ETL toolkit for open data

    Chicago builds ETL toolkit for open data

    Data officials in Chicago built an automated extract transform load (ETL) framework to more quickly and easily open city data.

  • IBM extends Smarter City Challenge

    IBM extends Smarter City Challenge

    Building on four years of helping cities improve services, IBM's Smarter Cities Challenge invites local governments to apply for assistance from problem-solving teams.

  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

    Harrisburg U builds cybersecurity center for state, local gov

    Sponsored by IT heavyweights, the new center of excellence is focused exclusively on safeguarding state and local government data and systems from unauthorized access.

  • Fiscal transparency

    4 paths to fiscal data transparency

    Governments across the country are using a wide array of IT platforms to release financial information to the public.

  • DHS streamlines emergency response with open IP conversion device

    Emergency response streamlined with IP conversion device

    The standalone IP device will help first responders communicate across multiple radio-frequency base stations.

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