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  • New report ranks states on a variety of topics including internet access and government digitization.

    New report puts Massachusetts on top for internet access

    States were ranked on a variety of topics including internet access and government digitization.

  • pedestrians in new york city (Tupungato /

    How data is helping NYC cut traffic deaths

    A new report outlines how data shared across agencies is helping the city meet its Vision Zero goals.

  • laying fiber optic cable (Photo by Broadband USA, Department of Commerce)

    Cities to Trump: Don’t forget about broadband infrastructure

    Local government leaders are urging President Donald Trump to support access, affordability and local solutions for broadband connectivity.

  • Drone over pipeline (Photo from

    North Dakota building network for beyond-line-of-sight drone flights

    Harris Corp. will work with the University of North Dakota and the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site to develop the network infrastructure for a full range of drone operations.

  • Digging out from under records requests (ShutterStock image)

    Digging out from under records requests

    Facing an increase in the number and volume of records requests, agencies must act quickly to modernize and streamline their open records processes.

  • smart street lights (GE Current image)

    San Diego preps largest smart city platform

    A plan to upgrade to smart, energy efficient street lights also includes installing a sensor network platform.

  • states claim DHS probed election systems without permission

    Two more states claim DHS probed election systems without permission

    The Department of Homeland Security conducted unauthorized cyber scans of election systems in Indiana and Idaho, state officials said.

  • Fighting asthma with data

    Fighting asthma with data

    Researchers are helping Chattanooga get more localized measurements of airborne particulates.

  • power grid inspection (ShutterStock image)

    Cybersecurity of the power grid: A growing challenge

    Research into grid security is moving toward systematically analyzing the risks inherent in critical systems and methodically defending against each of them.

  • Technology enabled city (ShutterStock image)

    IT, networking, smart lighting buys booming in state and local market

    Cross-disciplinary IT services, connectivity and smart lighting are among the top 10 growth areas in government contracting, according to a new market research report.

  • Thumbs down (shutterstock image)

    States resist ‘critical infrastructure’ designation for election systems

    A group of state officials formally opposed the move by DHS to protect their systems through a critical infrastructure designation.

  • rural broadband (image by ShutterStock)

    Broadband internet can help rural communities connect -- if they use it

    Broadband access is not enough to engage rural citizens; supporting and encouraging internet use is vital to addressing the persistent digital divide, a new study shows.

  • FirstNet single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications

    FirstNet finds experience to be the best teacher

    The lessons learned from the early builder projects help FirstNet evaluate technical standards and capabilities, test new equipment and refine plans for future rollouts.

  • Reducing incarceration with technology (ShutterStock image)

    Reducing incarceration with technology

    Safety and Justice Challenge grant winners are working to address local justice disparities through innovative reforms.

Topic Resources

  • Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    A top challenge for every government agency today is the effective management of cybersecurity risks. Protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as our networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially. In this Executive Insights, you’ll learn how a risk-based approach leveraging automation can provide a solid foundation to your agency’s cybersecurity posture.

  • The Economics of Software-Defined Storage

    Data growth is a standard problem of the modern digital age. Being data driven to remain in business and increase profitability is not an option; rather, it is a necessity. In these complex times, tighter IT budgets along with the need to shift the focus on business requirements are putting added pressures on IT departments. This whitepaper examines a new era of software-defined storage solutions that allows businesses to build out a service-based storage infrastructure in an economically feasible manner.

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  • modernization (chombosan/

    IT modernization: Not a case of rip and replace

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