Emerging Tech

Patrick Marshall

Emerging Tech

  • Equipment on Voyager space craft

    Older technology catches the solar system by its tail

    The Voyager spacecraft, with their 36-year-old systems and 68KB of computing capacity, may soon exit the solar system.

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  • Scorpius 2 0 laptop scores 4576 on Passmark Benchmarking

    Haswell chips can give a laptop workstation power

    The Scorpius 2.0 is an example of what's possible with Intel's new low-power, high-performance processors.

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  • Young school boy contemplating sculpture of Rodin

    Print your own Venus de Milo, and add some arms!

    A 3D printing pioneer's project to create CAD files of some of the world's great sculptures could give students, and everyone else, a hands-on education in art.

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  • Protest signs with Windows Start button on them in front of government building

    Microsoft 'starts' over with Windows 8.1

    The upgrade brings back the Start button, sort of, and adds a few other features.

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  • image from AstroEngineer Moon Rover game

    NSF, NASA gamification help get STEM ed get off the ground

    The National Science Foundation funds development of STEM games such as those by Wisdom Tools, and NASA helps ensure their accuracy.

  • 80211ac wireless routers

    That was fast: High-speed wireless routers show up early

    New 802.11ac models are appearing ahead of the new standard’s adoption, and are even certified by IEEE.

  • Tianhe-2 supercomputer

    China’s Tianhe-2 takes supercomputing lead, but should US worry?

    The country's new Tianhe-2 system leapfrogs the Energy Department’s Titan, but it's just one wrinkle in the move toward new techniques and, eventually, exascale computing.

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  • Red ethernet cable in a heart shape around the Windows XP logo

    One of the 37.7 percent: My XPerience with XP

    John Breeden II was one of the people who stuck with Windows XP until forced to upgrade. Why didn't he switch sooner?

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  • IO mobile data center

    Could movable, modular data centers be the future?

    Units that can be added as needed can save on construction and engineering costs while giving agency IT staff flexibility.

  • Energy efficient data center

    How do gov data centers get more efficient? Let me count the ways.

    Improving efficiency is more than eliminating servers, dimming the lights and turning down the AC. There are a lot of little, but important, steps you can take.