2012 GCN Awards Gala

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GCN Awards Gala 2012

  • Last week for 2015 GCN Awards nominations

    Last call for 2015 GCN Awards nominations

    Nominations for the 2015 GCN Awards that honor outstanding federal, state and local government IT projects are due Friday, June 5.

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    Time is running out: GCN Awards nominations due June 5

    The GCN Awards represent an opportunity for agencies and the IT industry to recognize the work and commitment of agency teams who often make the difference between a project that just meets its marks and those with outstanding originality, value and productivity.

  • How to write a winning GCN Award nomination

    GCN Awards: Crafting a winning nomination

    Know of a great IT project and team that deserve some time in the spotlight? Involved in a project yourself that delivered great value or made a big difference for its users? Nominate those projects for a GCN Award. Here's how.