emerging technology
  • Sensor array maps a first responder's location, movements

    A prototype developed at MIT can automatically map a hazardous environment as a responder moves through it.

  • Why is ICANN selling government-sounding domain names?

    An investment group that applied for 307 generic top-level domains, including .army, .airforce and .medical, is raising concerns over the potential for fraud.

  • Is nothing sacred: Ubuntu goes commercial?

    The most counter-culture OS adds Amazon-sponsored links, but there is a reason.

  • Energy adapts its PKI to handle old and new technologies

    Although PIV cards are intended to be a standard source for PKI certificates, legacy hardware and software and the emergence of mobile devices have led DOE to adopt a gateway encryption appliance for secure e-mail.

  • 3D printing grows up, can now arm itself

    As the administration funds research into the technology, one hobbyist shows he can print a working semi-automatic rifle.

  • NOAA, Navy swimming with the SHARCs

    Unmanned ocean-going Wave Gliders proving useful for research and, perhaps, much more.

  • New smart-card, CAC reader built for government

    Belkin says its the first reader built specifically for use in defense and civilian agencies.

  • New software gets GPO over the XML hurdle

    The XML Professional Publisher system will replace a 30-year-old homegrown system and enable the direct formatting of XML documents for electronic and print publication.

  • Leap's 3-D technology could change the way you work (and play)

    Leap Motion's forthcoming $70 interactive system might make you forget the mouse, touch pad or touch screen.

  • D-Link cameras stream surveillance data to the cloud

    The new cameras can be monitored via smart phone, freeing security personnel from their monitors.

  • Hard Drive

    Could helium in hard drives make performance go 'Up?'

    Western Digital plans to encase hard drives in helium to reduce drag, lower power consumption and increase performance.

  • Intel’s big idea: A hefty 27-inch tablet

    The Adaptive All-In-One is a desktop PC and also works as a 27-inch, 14-pound tablet PC. But what can you use it for?

  • ‘Biometrics in a box’ – migrating Windows apps to the Amazon cloud

    A hands-on look at migrating biometrics applications to Amazon's cloud.

  • Spot the bot: Identifying robot behavior to defeat DDOS attacks

    A new hosted service uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish between human and non-human behavior in Web traffic, which could help stop DDOS attacks before they get going.

Topic Resources

  • Update on Assessment & Authorization (A&A) Processes for Cross Domain Solutions

    As introduced in our latest certification and accreditation (C&A) basics webcast (“Navigating Certification & Accreditation – A Primer) C&A terminology is transitioning to assessment and authorization (A&A). See the associated white paper “From C&A to A&A – The RMF Shoe Has Dropped.” Continuing the transition discussion, Raytheon Cyber Products and Steve Welke are pleased to present a webcast updating the latest information on A&A processes for cross domain, multilevel security solutions. Join Steve Welke, an A&A industry expert, as he discusses the A&A principles, requirements and processes.

  • Increase Data Security through Your Print Solution

    You’ve consolidated your desktops with virtualization and moved your data to the cloud. What else can you do to obtain additional costs savings and increase security while keeping your network flexible? Connect print and digital information from across your organization with the people who need it, exactly when they need it. Join this webcast to learn how security software and printing solutions work together to eliminate extraneous printers at multiple sensitivity levels, allowing organizations to recognize significant savings from reduced hardware, space, power, support and supplies.

  • Everything Storage: Learn How to Store All Your Data Underneath a Single, Extremely Scalable, Software-Defined Architecture

    Join us as we discuss scalable, software-defined storage architecture and integration, along with hardware and software technologies that empower Everything Storage. You will also be introduced to the leading massive-scale, open-platform solution for object storage. Be sure to tune-in to learn and ask questions about how open-platform solutions can bring you enterprise-class reliability, performance and simplicity without vendor lock-in and the associated price tag.

  • IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence Demo

    In this video IBM Product Manager James Vincent presents an overview and demo of IBM® i2® National Security and Defense Intelligence—a cost effective information exploitation solution that provides data acquisition, multi-faceted intelligence analysis and multi-agency and partner collaboration features.

  • 'Mocking' Reality: The Power of Service Virtualization

    A large government agency was struggling to provide stable test environments to support their partner landscape. Duplicating production using traditional methods would have resulted in infrastructure cost blowouts, misalignment issues and resourcing issues. This webcast will explore how the agency leveraged service virtualization to meet their evolving needs and the challenges and successes involved in the program.