emerging technology
  • Hard Drive

    Could helium in hard drives make performance go 'Up?'

    Western Digital plans to encase hard drives in helium to reduce drag, lower power consumption and increase performance.

  • Intel’s big idea: A hefty 27-inch tablet

    The Adaptive All-In-One is a desktop PC and also works as a 27-inch, 14-pound tablet PC. But what can you use it for?

  • ‘Biometrics in a box’ – migrating Windows apps to the Amazon cloud

    A hands-on look at migrating biometrics applications to Amazon's cloud.

  • Spot the bot: Identifying robot behavior to defeat DDOS attacks

    A new hosted service uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish between human and non-human behavior in Web traffic, which could help stop DDOS attacks before they get going.

  • RIM wants your BlackBerry to be your access badge

    HID Global has a service that would let users replace ID credentials and tokens with their BlackBerry phones. Could it work in a government enterprise?

  • It's called 'sparse data,' and it could be a big deal

    The small bits of data coming from sensors recording everything from temperature changes to coffee pot use could make a big difference in the way we manage things.

  • DARPA lets slip the AlphaDog of war

    The improved robotic "pack mule" can carry a lot of gear for soldiers, follow them in the field and even charge their radios.

  • What's next in the network: software defined networking

    The emerging type of architecture opens up once-closed routers and switches to optimize speed and performance within a network.

  • The return of the sneaker net

    Bigger bandwidth nearly killed off sneaker nets entirely, but today's gigantic files sizes just might bring them back.

  • Was 'Sneakers' right about secret government IT?

    The movie that inspired a lot of people to become government techies might have been real, just a little.

  • Oil baths: A better way to keep computers cool?

    Intel test finds dunking servers in mineral oil can cut power consumption.

  • Panasonic soups up the Toughbook 19

    The re-released rugged laptop includes has a faster chipset, expanded storage and an innovative light sensor.

  • 3 simple tricks for defeating hackers on the road

    In certain places, traveling feds can almost count on an attempt to steal information from their laptops. Here are ways to give them the old Willy Wonka.

  • 5 keyboard shortcuts you won't find in Windows 8

    The new Microsoft OS will kill some shortcuts you might be used to, but it's not all bad.

Topic Resources

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  • Securing the Mobile Workforce: Device Security is Not Enough

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