State & Local

  • Highway infrastructure damaged by an earthquake

    Consortium tests tools for earthquake response

    This week the Central United States Earthquake Consortium will test communications, situational awareness, resource management, transportation and private sector integration.

  • Man using false identity to get a drivers license

    Cutting off identity-based fraud at the source

    Government could mitigate identity fraud at local motor vehicle departments by instituting authentication solutions backed by a combination of internal and external databases.

  • Men signing contracts -- one digitally, one with ink on paper

    Nevada's DOT taking the paper out of paperwork

    By moving to electronic signatures and a cloud-based digital workflow, the Nevada Transportation Department has simplified and speeded up its business processes.

  • First overland UAS flight takes off

    The Federal Aviation Administration gave a green light to the first commercial operation of an unmanned aircraft system over land, and granted Nevada authority to operate a UAS test site.

  • Firefighters with computer-aided dispatch software in background

    Intergraph I/CAD update puts agencies on path to next-gen 911

    The latest version of Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch software, I/CAD 9.3, integrates voice, text and data.

  • Inserting USB drive into laptop

    County gives staff secure remote access with Windows to Go

    Fairfax County's Platform Technology Division deployed Windows to Go, a bootable, certified USB drive that lets employees take their work computers anywhere.

  • Data flowing through a city

    Open data portal aims to be ' for state and local agencies'

    Accela Inc. launched, an open data portal that combines information from government sources and public users, giving researchers one place to query cross-jurisdictional data sets.

  • Code for America

    Code for America taking developer applications

    Code for America is looking for applicants with well-developed coding chops and project management experience who can bear up under special and perhaps sometimes baffling demands of bureaucratic procedure.

  • Highway department uses Xora cloud-based mobile management tools

    GPS, geofencing drive highway department efficiency

    The highway department in Cheektowaga, N.Y., uses cloud-based mobile management tools created by Xora for GPS tracking and vehicle trip auditing, mileage management and more.

  • Photos and videos uploaded into the cloud

    Police get free multimedia platform, storage during emergencies

    Designed to handle photo and video uploads from citizens, the Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository helps officials collaboratively manage, organize and analyze crowdsourced media in the cloud.

  • people using apps

    AppStore gives governments access to municipal apps

    The Granicus AppStore that will allow the company's customers to easily find, purchase, deploy and manage apps for government-specific solutions.

  • Payphones on a New York City street

    NYC replacing payphones with Wi-Fi hotspots

    Wi-Fi network connection points will be installed in NYC public payphone kiosks, replacing the aging devices. The hotspots will also still include an option for voice services and offer free calling to 911 and 311.

  • city-based coders

    Big data in Raleigh: Opening up and reaching out

    The city of Raleigh, N.C., is reaching out to partner municipalities to maximize its big data potential.

  • city workers against a map of buffalo

    In Buffalo, big data drives precision 311 'clean sweeps'

    Buffalo uses customer service software to create density maps of citizen 311 complaints and orchestrate 'clean sweeps' of two- and three-block areas.

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