Practical advice for building a data management program

    To achieve diversity, equity and inclusion goals, look to data

    HR leaders can leverage data analytics by partnering with experts to create dashboards that allow them to visualize and track the progress of new policies and procedures in alignment with diversity goals. 10/15/2021

  • NYC builds out subway Wi-Fi access

    NYC tests transit airflow to prepare for hazmat accidents or attacks

    Scientists will release small quantities of non-toxic materials at more than 120 subway stations and aboveground locations to collect data on how far they travel and what their concentration is when found. 10/15/2021

    cybersecurity (vs148/Shutterstock.com)

    How agencies can make the shift to zero trust

    Zero trust requires an integrated security platform that covers the endpoint, the cloud and every data point in between. 10/14/2021

  • smart city challenge

    Long Beach tests traffic lights that respond to real-time congestion

    The California city will test whether artificial intelligence-driven connected vehicle technology can alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality. 10/14/2021

  • chatbot (Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock.com)

    Wisconsin looks to AI, cloud to improve professional licensing process

    Using the Maverick AI platform by Google Cloud and MTX, Wisconsin’s Department of Safety and Professional Services will automate data entry and get insights into where bottlenecks typically occur in the licensing process. 10/14/2021

  • Navy medical personnel aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy docked at the Port of Los Angeles treat a non-COVID-19 patient from a Los Angeles-area medical facility (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Erwin Jacob Miciano/U.S. Navy via AP)

    Oregon automates hospital capacity data analysis

    The Oregon Capacity System allows any health system in the state to visualize occupancy by type and location in real time. 10/13/2021

    big data (GarryKillian/Shutterstock.com)

    The gold mine hidden in government’s data dustbin

    The inability to leverage unstructured data housed in siloed, legacy systems, combined with an acute talent shortage, puts the U.S. security and economy at risk. 10/13/2021

  • smart city (jamesteohart/Shutterstock.com)

    6 tech trends defining future cities

    Sustainable neighborhoods, a supercharged infrastructure and inclusive innovation that strikes back at surveillance capitalism will shape the future of urban technology, a new report says. 10/13/2021

    security compliance

    Tech advances, continuous training build contracting compliance

    Applying new technologies and incremental training will help agencies increase their overall compliance with evolving requirements and focus their training processes where the need is the greatest. 10/12/2021

  • application security  (Ditty_about_summer/Shutterstock.com)

    CISA releases final TIC 3.0 remote user use case

    The guidance gives federal agencies instructions on applying network and multi-boundary security for remote users. 10/12/2021

  • STEM

    Biden signs school cybersecurity bill

    The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is tasked with studying the cyber risks facing elementary and secondary schools and developing recommendations to assist schools in facing those risks. 10/12/2021

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