• mapping mobility data (tostphoto/Shutterstock.com)

    How transit data can drive urban recovery

    Cities are looking to take advantage of data-driven transportation tools for policymaking, particularly as they look for economic recovery opportunities. 09/18/2020

  • Project Natick

    The surprising benefits of underwater data centers

    When Microsoft hauled its experimental data center up from the bottom of the North Sea and conducted some analysis, researchers found the servers were eight time more reliable than those on land. 09/18/2020

  • smart city

    NYC, DC in top tier of global smart cities

    A new smart city ranking measuring health and safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance, puts New York 10th and Washington, D.C., 12th among 109 global cities. 09/17/2020

  • judge gavel, cloud background

    AWS-Microsoft JEDI fight will stretch into 2021

    The $10 billion cloud project is already two years behind schedule and has yet to be implemented -- three years after the Defense Department first unveiled the project and almost a full year after Microsoft was first awarded the contract. 09/17/2020

  • Mail in ballot materials (The Toidi/Shuttterstock.com)

    6 ways mail-in ballots are protected from fraud

    The mail-in voting process has several built-in safeguards that together make it hard for one person to vote fraudulently, and even more difficult to commit voter fraud on a scale capable of swinging election outcomes. 09/17/2020

  • cloud migration

    Single-tenant clouds on tap for Navy, Marines

    The Navy and Marine Corps are moving to individual, dedicated Microsoft 365 environments to improve identity and credentialing efforts, according to a department memo. 09/16/2020

  • water meters (Maxx-Studio/Shutterstock.com)

    AI-based monitoring spots water meter issues

    Gwinnett County, Ga., could recoup about $50,000 per month from 19 commercial water meters that have been incorrectly measuring flow, based on discrepancies discovered by edge technology. 09/16/2020

  • voter (LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com)

    What the US needs to do to secure election 2020

    Despite more funding and promises from tech companies, only a multifaceted, polycentric approach that makes changes up and down the stack will be up to the task, experts say. 09/16/2020

  • robot thinking (Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock.com)

    Can machines teach themselves about time?

    To expand the shelf life of artificial intelligence systems, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for researchers to help it build a neural network architecture with a self-understanding of time. 09/16/2020

    accessible pdf

    Meeting the accessibility challenge for static documents

    Document accessibility software can automate the remediation of thousands of web-hosted PDF documents, saving agencies time and money. 09/15/2020

  • satellite network (Andrey VP/Shutterstock.com)

    Microsoft testing satellite-to-cloud service

    In proof-of-concept demonstrations, the company plans to connect a Spanish imaging satellite to two ground stations and load its data into the Azure cloud. 09/15/2020

  • IoT

    Security, interoperability hinder agency IoT adoption

    In a survey of how federal agencies use the internet of things, the Government Accountability Office found that IoT technologies offer a number of benefits, but security and implementation challenges remain. 09/15/2020

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