Internet Society launches info hub for DNSSEC, IPv6

The Internet Society has launched a site intended to be a one-stop resource for information on implementing DNSSEC and the next generation of Internet Protocols, IPv6.

The site, Deploy360, is a portal with information for network operators, developers, content providers, equipment manufacturers and enterprises on these two transformative technologies that are being implemented globally on the Internet.

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DNSSEC is a cryptographic scheme to ensure the validity of answers returned in response to Domain Name Service queries on the Internet.

DNS, which resolves easy-to-remember site names to numerical IP addresses, underlies almost all online activities. The addition of digital signatures on query responses will help to avoid spoofing of addresses and malicious redirection of traffic.

IPv6 is a new set of protocols that will replace the current set, IPv4, as the pool of IPv4 addresses is used up. As IPv6 addresses are assigned to users, networks and content providers will have to be able to accommodate this new type of traffic.

“Deploy360 provides easy access to a growing inventory of detailed, practical documents on IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment,” said Richard Jimmerson, head of the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme.

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