Big Apple in .nyc state of mind with plans for its own TLD

The Big Apple is taking advantage of new rules expanding the number of Interent top-level domains, preparing to apply for its own TLD, Information Week reports.

New York City has tapped vendor Neustar to handle the transaction for a new ".nyc" domain, which the city said it hopes to use to generate revenue as well as promote tourism and provide residents with easier access to city services.

The city wants an initial five-year option for the new domain, which could take as long as a year to be approved.

Use of the domain will be restricted to companies, organizations and individuals with a "substantive and lawful connection to the city," Nicholas Sbordone, a spokesperson for the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications told Information Week.

In January, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit that oversees the Internet's Domain Name System, announced that it would begin accepting applications for new generic TLDs. At the time, there were 22 generic TLDs, which are the suffixes that appear to the right of the final period in URLs. They indicate broad categories, such as .com for business or .gov for government, that service large communities.

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