Toolkit boosts Army network visibility, cybersecurity compliance

Toolkit boosts Army network visibility, cybersecurity compliance

The Army is adopting tools to give soldiers greater network visibility to fight off hackers.  The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Reporting Toolkit, or ART, scans network activity in the background and provides users with current, actionable and comprehensive information on their cybersecurity posture.

“It's going to allow us to see the network as we've never seen it before,” said Chief Warrant Officer 5 James Ebeler. “It will allow us to see down into the tactical enclaves, down to the end user devices, what vulnerabilities exist and what patches are needed, so we can patch more rapidly and make sure that our security posture is as up to date as possible.”

With ART, even soldiers overseeing hundreds of networked systems will be able to pinpoint a single vulnerable piece of software in minutes as opposed to hours so potential threats can be evaluated and patches installed.

ART was designed using available technology compatible with Assured Compliance Assessment Solution and existing Army programs of record. It combines capabilities for system identification, vulnerability scanning and desktop reporting for an automated cybersecurity solution that can produce custom reports for leaders at various levels.

The information collected by ART also will be fed into the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Scorecard, a critical metric that gauges how well different systems and units are protected against cyber threats. That information sharing also reduces the bandwidth and processing power required to track, store and transmit cyber vulnerability data.

“As the Army continues to add more capability to the network to ensure soldiers at every echelon remain connected and engaged, we must give them the tools to stay on top of these capabilities, especially from a cyber perspective.” said Col. Ward Roberts, product manager for WIN-T Increment 3.

The Army is looking to deploy ART to European and Pacific theater units in the next few months. 

About the Author

Mark Pomerleau is a former editorial fellow with GCN and Defense Systems.


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