18F surfaces code for 35 useful projects

18F surfaces code for 35 useful projects

Although the General Services Administration’s 18F digital services shop publicly shares code from its projects as a matter or course, finding useful code among the hundreds of entries in the 18F GitHub repository can be time consuming.

To make it easier for agencies, businesses and the public to find, use and adapt its open source code, 18F published a categorized list of 35 of its projects, organized by use case.

The categories include maintaining websites, helping a team work together, building digital services for government, working with lots of data, making websites that communicate lots of information, working with applications like Slack, Jekyll and Cloud Foundry as well as a category of tools for finding information about websites.

The tools range from Tock for tracking how much time team members spend on a project and Analytics Reporter for publishing live analytics, to eRegulations for making agency regulations easier to find, AutoAPI for setting up an application program interface engine as well as code for simple glossary sidebars, feedback widgets and more.

Visit the 18F blog post to see the full list of codes and to suggest new projects to add to future iterations of the list.

About the Author

Amanda Ziadeh is a former reporter/producer for GCN.

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