Maxwell Air Force Base (USDA/Wikimedia Commons)

Air Force tests wireless smart perimeter

Maxwell Air Force Base is working on a wireless smart perimeter that uses infrared sensors and facial recognition to detect and identify intruders and alert base personnel of potential security breaches.


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The year-long preliminary pilot program agreement between the Air Force and AT&T uses embedded SIM-chip technology to send signals through a custom LTE network -- small five-foot towers that send and receive infrared signals. The pilot also uses facial recognition systems and multiprotocol label switching, according to AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions' Rocky Thurston.

“This demonstrates how large sensors can be deployed and used in a military installation,” said Rocky Thurston, who is AT&T's Air Force client executive vice president. “Video monitoring is triggered when the perimeter is breached. It uses private cloud technology along with a messaging system and alerting system.”

The alerting system can send a text message or email to airmen responsible for base security.

Referred to as a “smart base,” the technology aims to provide improved security and allow airmen to more efficiently allocate their time for other, more important missions, said Col. Don Lewis, 42nd mission support group commander, Maxwell Air Force Base.

“I want to leverage smart base technology in a way that makes me not have to send out a patrol immediately because I know there is movement in an area,” Lewis said. “I can reduce the number of patrols and still maintain the security I need.”

AT&T is also helping cities and municipalities improve security using similar technology, company officials said.

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