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The Department of Health and Human Services has implemented artificial intelligence for monitoring grant auditing systems, and has AI ambitions that extend into workforce management as well.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Andrea Brandon said at an Oct. 10 Data Transparency event that HHS is now using AI tools from Salesforce to do trend analysis in its Tracking and Accountability of Government Grants system, which houses over 20 years of HHS grant-award program data. The AI can also take other inputs -- including programmatic data or reporting from organizations receiving grants -- and perform predictive analytics, she said.

HHS also is considering using AI to monitor operational systems and employee performance. Brandon said AI could eventually understand the skills that certain employees have and then predict  what kind of training or resources would help them most.

HHS is already piloting robotic process automation for the closeout phase of acquisitions and is considering implementing a similar bot for grants. RPA allows a software bot to interact with applications and perform common, repetitive workflow tasks ordinarily assigned to humans.

This kind of automation would be especially helpful moving around data and putting in transaction codes required to close out old grants, she said.

“If we can get a bot in there, maybe we can get the grants closed out in a more timely way,” she said.

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