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  • drone near jet (Jag_cz/

    FAA wants new ways to identify rogue drone pilots

    The Federal Aviation Administration wants partners to help develop the data sharing capabilities required to remotely identify small unmanned aircraft systems in controlled airspace.

  • dragonfly (Costea Andrea M/

    Are bug brains the key to AI?

    DARPA wants build artificial intelligence networks based on small flying insects' "impressive computational capabilities."

  • people in crowd identified by machine (MONOPOLY919/

    IARPA seeks to plug privacy holes in AI

    The intelligence community's research arm is looking for ways to protect information about the individuals in a training dataset.

  • process automation (Omelchenko/

    Automation on the move

    Agencies are eyeing robotic process automation to streamline applications like data entry and help-desk functions to save time and money.

  • New York city Downtown from Hoboken waterfront (HarMonika/

    AI to the rescue for infrastructure

    Artificial intelligence can be enlisted for prosaic chores like monitoring infrastructure that can save governments time and money.

  • synthetic training environment (U.S. Army Training Support Center)

    Army wants automation for its training sim

    The Army Research Lab wants to reduce the manpower needed to design and run large-scale simulation-based training events.

  • AI and data (Andrey Suslov/

    Hardening algorithms against adversarial AI

    How can developers secure artificial intelligence applications when the underlying data is vulnerable to hackers?

  • online training (

    Online training for AI and machine learning

    Here are some great, no-cost resources that will help you transform your current programming skills to meet the AI and machine learning needs of the future.

  • Jose Arrieta, associate deputy assistant secretary for the HHS Division of Acquisition

    HHS gets ATO for blockchain-based acquisition system

    HHS Accelerate, which used distributed-ledger technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, can now go into production with live data.

  • Trojan horse image on chip (wk1003mike/

    Detecting Trojans in AI

    The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants software that can autonomously inspect a deep neural network and predict if it has a Trojan that could trigger a malfunction.

  • artificial intelligence

    How to get beyond AI myths

    To successfully maneuver a change as complex as AI implementation, organizations should lead with a human-centered approach.

  • drone test course (NIST/YouTube)

    Agility training for responder drones

    To ensure that emergency response teams using drones can all perform basic maneuvers, NIST has developed test methods that measure both the capabilities of drones and the skill of their pilots.

  • cloud as a brain

    Report: U.S. needs an AI strategy now

    A national strategy for artificial intelligence will boost the nation's competitiveness, support defense capabilities and spur AI adoption, according to a recent report from the Center for Data Innovation.

  • Blockchain (a-image/

    HHS expects to roll out blockchain acquisition solution

    The Department of Health and Human Services is making a big push to have the first blockchain-based program in the federal government that gains an authority to operate.

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