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  • Avoiding midair crises

    Avoiding midair crises

    The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System uses optical sense-and-avoid technology to allow aircraft to detect and track other aircraft approaching in real-time.

  • Drones get up close and personal with bridges

    Drones get up close and personal with bridges

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation is evaluating whether unmanned aerial systems can take some of the cost and danger out of bridge inspections.

  • What drones mean for surveillance

    What drones mean for surveillance

    Experts explore how law enforcement is using unmanned vehicles and the ethics that such quickly evolving tools entail.

  • Computer security

    Hacking your data without touching your network

    Cybersecurity researchers show how data can be captured by near-field analysis of electromagnetic leakage.

  • city with data

    White House announces new smart city funding

    The White House on Sept. 26 announced more than $80 million in new funding for smart cities research and projects across the county.

  • smart city

    Survey: Attacks on smart city IT all but inevitable

    A Tripwire study also found that 88 percent of IT professionals think such hacks would pose a threat to public safety.

  • When virtual and augmented reality meets government analytics

    When virtual and augmented reality meets government analytics

    Combining analytics and AR/VR will allow agencies to tackle challenges more efficiently, ultimately saving money, time and maybe even lives.

  • Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other

    When connected cars can be hacked from afar

    As the U.S. outlines new rules for driverless car development and safety, Chinese researchers uncover vulnerabilities that can be exploited from 12 miles away.

  • Delaware’s bet on blockchain

    Delaware’s bet on blockchain

    The state plans to engage technology vendors to help businesses and state agencies use blockchain technology to distribute, share, and save ledgers and contracts.

  • Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other

    Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other

    Combining connectivity and automation promises to transform the movement of people and goods more effectively and safely than either could alone.

  • Predicting traffic congestion from cell signals

    Predicting traffic congestion from cell signals

    Researchers at MIT are working on a tool that may help city planners and traffic managers better anticipate potential traffic problems by analyzing cellphone signals.

  • Burrito delivery by drone

    Burrito delivery by drone

    Alphabet and Virginia Tech are teaming up to test food delivery at the Blacksburg campus, home of one of the six Federal Aviation Administration designated test sites.

  • DARPA targets doctored images

    DARPA targets doctored images

    A multidisciplinary team of university researchers is working to pull together a platform capable of scanning the massive numbers of images and videos posted online daily and verifying their authenticity.

  • Drone forensics boosts UAS defense

    Drone forensics boosts UAS defense

    Department 13 has launched a forensics service to help authorities examine drones suspected of illegal activity.

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