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  • Durham NC Stormwater utility map

    Aerial photos best satellite imagery for Durham public works

    The frequent, high-quality images and a web service map make it easier for Durham, N.C., to bill stormwater runoff fees.

  • website template (pulsar011/

    North Dakota looks to Drupal for improved user experience

    The state's new website template is the first step in a larger unification initiative that’s putting cloud and mobile first.

  • open data (Sergey Nivens/

    Beyond transparency: Why open data is good for local government

    Open financial data can make it less expensive for municipalities to borrow money and easier report compliance information.

  • inspector taking photos with tablet (IVL/

    Inspect a drainage ditch? There’s an app for that

    State inspectors have turned to mobile apps, which are saving some of them hours a day and millions of taxpayer dollars.

  • modern services (Denizce/

    The rise of government as a platform

    As software increasingly moves to the cloud, platforms are becoming a fast way to deliver new and more comprehensive functionality.

  • How state governments bolster cybersecurity

    States are strengthening their election infrastructure, institutionalizing threat information sharing and implementing software-defined access solutions.

  • city with data

    NYC puts open data to work

    A new report, NYC Data at Work, highlights how open data powers government efficiency in New York City.

  • Driving transportation innovation

    The National Governors Association has a released a roadmap to help states leverage new opportunities and stay ahead of the advancing technology.

  • phishing (DesignPrax/

    5 reasons municipalities are getting hit by cyber threats

    While enterprising attackers target government workers, solutions that combine the best of machine learning with expert human analysis can help stop, block and remediate advanced phishing attacks.

  • cybersecure new york city

    NYC launches full-court cyber press

    A multipronged effort aims to secure the city by investing in cybersecurity technology, entrepreneurs, a skilled workforce and empowering residents to better protect themselves against threats.

  • people voting in California

    Voting system security: It’s broken and we should fix it

    To address elections vulnerabilities, best security practices must be applied across the board – from voter registration systems to tabulation machines.

  • mainframe

    Moving past the mainframe

    Although states have long relied on mainframes for enterprise applications, IT managers say they don't see future demand for mainframe computing power.

  • paths (cybrain/

    NASCIO maps top concerns for state CIOs

    There are multiple forces pushing CIOs toward different priorities. A NASCIO report takes a look at what those are and how to balance them.

  • VitalTag sensors (PNNL)

    Stick-on health sensors for emergency response

    Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a wearable suite of sensors first responders can use track multiple victims' medical data.

Topic Resources

  • Optimizing Federal Data Center Operations and Management

    In this white paper you’ll learn the advantages of data center optimization, and a step by step process to get there. Also, how federal data center optimization can help improve agency efficiencies, lower costs, centralize and increase security, and scale for quicker, more robust performance.

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  • urban air mobility (NASA)

    NASA seeks partners for urban air mobility challenge

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