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  • child support

    A shared service for child support enforcement?

    The Trump budget calls for an HHS-purchased system all states could use.

  • How tech can save money for 2020 census

    How local governments ensure an accurate census

    To get an accurate list of addresses to work from, the Census Bureau enlists the help of state and local governments to update what it has on file.

  • Colorado gets a leg up on FirstNet deployment

    State officials expect their experience testing the demonstration network's capabilities will help as applications and devices come online.

  • USPS weighs public perception of drone delivery

    Governments dream of drone-based development

    The Federal Aviation Administration is evaluating applications from state and local governments that want to be a part of the nationwide Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration Pilot Program.

  • blueprint of city (Panimoni/

    Smart cities need to be more human, so we’re creating Sims-style virtual worlds

    Agent-based modeling simulates the behavior of individuals as they move around and interact inside a virtual world.

  • Columbus traffic (aceshot1/

    Columbus builds its smart city operating system

    The Smart Columbus Operating System will collect, analyze and share data supporting multiple smart city efforts.

  • responder with cellphone

    Digital policing requires extensive collaboration

    Although a recent survey indicates people want to be able to communicate with law enforcement via texts and social media, many police departments struggle to find a workable platform and process.

  • smart city security (By Shaynepplstockphoto/

    Collaborating for better smart cities

    At the Global City Teams Challenge, government leaders will discuss how security and privacy can be addressed in smart city technology.

  • city with data (arleksey/

    Sidewalk Labs' transit platform offers APIs for parking, tolls data

    Coord is a cloud-based platform that integrates and aggregates data from curb signage, parking lots and toll gates and provides standardized application programming interfaces for transportation data.

  • Are states ill-equipped to manage cybersecurity?

    States step up pace of cyber regulations

    With the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, state legislators are raising their security requirements, a new report says.

  • minneapolis US bank stadium (Gian Lorenzo Ferretti/

    Minneapolis puts new video platform to work for Super Bowl policing

    FieldWatch will allow commanders to view video streamed from officers in the field and coordinate resources.

  • sunlight through skyscraper (leolintang/

    Smart Cities Council announces challenge finalists

    The finalists are working to create e-government platforms, digitize transportation and make data easier to use and more accessible.

  • Strava heat map (Strava)

    Strava map shows the tradeoffs of geo-tracking

    As location-based data becomes increasingly important to smart cities, the security and privacy concerns must be addressed.

  • homeless tents in los angeles (Tero Vesalainen/

    Los Angeles maximizes the data from its annual homeless count

    The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count tracks the county and city populations annually to qualify for federal funding.

Topic Resources

  • Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    A top challenge for every government agency today is the effective management of cybersecurity risks. Protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as our networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially. In this Executive Insights, you’ll learn how a risk-based approach leveraging automation can provide a solid foundation to your agency’s cybersecurity posture.

  • The Economics of Software-Defined Storage

    Data growth is a standard problem of the modern digital age. Being data driven to remain in business and increase profitability is not an option; rather, it is a necessity. In these complex times, tighter IT budgets along with the need to shift the focus on business requirements are putting added pressures on IT departments. This whitepaper examines a new era of software-defined storage solutions that allows businesses to build out a service-based storage infrastructure in an economically feasible manner.

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  • IoT security

    A 'seal of approval' for IoT security?

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