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  • marijuana plants (photolona/

    Oregon's pot data needs better security

    The agency that regulates recreational marijuana needs to improve the reliability and security of the data it uses for licensing and seed-to-sale tracking, auditors said.

  • code scan (Titima Ongkantong/

    Virginia scanning program slashes vulnerabilities in web apps

    The Virginia Information Technologies Agency cut the number of high-risk vulnerabilities affecting its web applications by 30 percent in one year by deploying a vulnerability scanning service.

  • ransomware victim (Zephyr_p/

    Local governments' cybersecurity crisis in 8 charts

    At least some, and perhaps even a large fraction of, local governments may be unable to respond to electronic intrusions, a recent survey finds.

  • Connecticut CIO Mark Raymond (Sara Friedman)

    Connecticut's cyber strategy

    CIO Mark Raymond discusses the recent WannaCry attack and his state’s cybersecurity strategy.

  • electronic roadway sign (SHUBIN.INFO/

    How hackers could cause chaos on America's roads and railways

    Transportation systems are ripe targets for cybercriminals, and many government officials are only now waking up to the threat.

  • hack button on keyboard (MiniStocker/

    Senator presses DHS on scope of Russian voting hacks

    A Department of Homeland Security official told a Senate panel that it's possible more election systems were targeted than had been reported.

  • analytics (chombosan/

    Smart planning delivers powerful benefits for cities and citizens

    Smart planning takes advantage of the best available data and technology to coordinate and optimize every area of responsibility a city touches.

  • ransomware

    So far, Atlanta's ransomware costs top $2.6 million

    The city has already spent $2.6 million recovering from a ransomware attack that demanded a roughly $51,000 payment.

  • mobile devices (Indypendenz/

    CISO-as-a-service for Michigan municipalities

    The CISO-as-a-service pilot is designed to help small and mid-sized government agencies improve their cybersecurity posture.

  • hurricane damage (NASA)

    Hurricane response lessons from ground zero

    CIOs from Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands shared what they learned from hurricanes Irma and Maria.

  • city park (avian/

    Arlington, Texas, goes mobile to manage parks and rec assets

    The city's Department of Parks and Recreation is using a cloud-hosted application to inventory and inspect everything from playgrounds to park benches.

  • consolidation (By tereez/

    Inside Kentucky's strategy for improving IT operations

    Kentucky CIO Chuck Grindle is consolidating and streamlining operations as he fosters a cyber secure culture.

  • voting in california in 2012 (Joseph Sohm/

    Elections officials explore security options

    Despite new financial support from Congress, local officials say they need more help securing their election systems ahead of the 2018 elections.

  • business handshake (ASDF_MEDIA/

    NASCIO outlines IT services broker framework

    The National Association of State CIOs is working to help state IT leaders effectively organize and manage delivery IT services under the emerging broker model.

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    Government agencies have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads. Our guide was built to help public sector officials foresee and navigate challenges to ensure their cloud migration success.

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  • power grid (elxeneize/

    Electric grid protection through low-cost sensors, machine learning

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