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    Draft guidelines tackle voting security

    The latest Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines widen the scope of election security to include voter registration and pre-election practices.

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    States struggle to upgrade aging voting equipment

    Eliminating vulnerabilities in voting equipment would require costly upgrades, better training and built-in security features, officials told a congressional task force.

  • smart city

    Smart city grant challenge

    The Smart Cities Council is accepting applications for its 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant.

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    Washington state's strategy for tracking IT spending

    Washington's Office of the CIO is bringing technology business management to 44 state agencies.

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    Survey: Cities depend on federal data

    Census data informs everything from annual budgets to long-term planning for many cities, a new Sunlight Foundation survey says.

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    Rebooting the mathematics behind gerrymandering

    Representing districts as networks, where the nodes are population units like census blocks and the edges represent proximity or similarity, may be more relevant to today's political realities.

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    Uphill climb to the smart city

    While they promise substantial benefits, smart cities face several challenges, a new report finds.

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    Scientist at work: Measuring public health impacts after disasters

    Identifying vulnerable populations and determining how disasters affect public health can lead to better decision-making and use of resources.

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    Will smart city investment pay off?

    The Smart Cities Benefits Index ranks 50 cities based on their expected return on investment in smart city technology.

  • GCN dig IT awards

    Congratulations to this year's dig IT award winners

    From mobile security to telehealth to smarter and more resilient infrastructure, these five projects represent the best of discovery and innovation in government IT.

  • Cyber attack on network

    Attackers hijack state agency server for malware

    Online criminals were able to surreptitiously plant malicious code on government servers in at least one state to create a "malware infection chain" likely to dupe other targets.

  • data rodeo

    Data Rodeo: How Texas corrals its transportation data

    The Data Rodeo project aims to synthesize existing transportation data and make it useful for transit agencies, researchers and third parties.

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    One-stop shopping for state services on its way

    A single portal that offers online services seamlessly would lower costs for states and make transactions easier for the public.

  • Water Resources Recovery Facility aerial view (Mumfreesboro, Tenn.)

    Myriad missions for Murfreesboro drones

    Murfreesboro became the first city in Tennessee to earn a Federal Aviation Administration certificate of authorization to fly unmanned aircraft systems.

Topic Resources

  • Compliance is Made Easier with Certain Steps

    State and local agencies have to prioritize which regulations are most applicable and find efficient ways to ensure compliance—a task made more challenging by insufficient human and financial resources.

  • Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    A top challenge for every government agency today is the effective management of cybersecurity risks. Protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as our networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially. In this Executive Insights, you’ll learn how a risk-based approach leveraging automation can provide a solid foundation to your agency’s cybersecurity posture.

  • The Economics of Software-Defined Storage

    Data growth is a standard problem of the modern digital age. Being data driven to remain in business and increase profitability is not an option; rather, it is a necessity. In these complex times, tighter IT budgets along with the need to shift the focus on business requirements are putting added pressures on IT departments. This whitepaper examines a new era of software-defined storage solutions that allows businesses to build out a service-based storage infrastructure in an economically feasible manner.

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    Best practices for election systems security

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