• airport security (

    Tech to speed airport scans

    Transportation Security Administration is looking for more ways to get travelers through airport checkpoints more efficiently without compromising security.

  • Marine wearing hearing protection (Ida Irby/U.S. Marine Corps)

    Where did that shot come from? Knowing is half the battle

    Researchers are developing a program that uses microphones in protective headgear to analyze the direction of gunfire and send that info to a smartphone.

  • augmented reality tourism app (NicoElNino/

    Smart tourism sets the bar for cities' tech future

    Orlando is planning a smart city infrastructure that will leverage technology and data to improve visitors' experience and enhance the quality of life for residents.

  • government security

    Maryland strengthens statewide cybersecurity

    Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order creating a chief information security officer position and establishing the Office of Security Management and the Maryland Cybersecurity Coordinating Council.

  • drone near an airport (Jag_cz/

    The downside of drones

    Low-cost drones not only pose a risk to public safety, but they can be instruments of foreign intelligence gathering, experts say.

  • Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando, Florida (Justin Brodt/

    Simulation tool helps Orlando deliver on environmental goals

    The Siemens City Performance Tool collects about up to 400 data points related to transportation, energy use and existing buildings and uses that information to simulate the economic and environmental impacts of investing in a range of technologies.

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (DARPAtv)

    Early-warning system for chemical threats

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is testing its ChemSigma initiative, a pilot study to provide initial data and insights into how such real-time chemical sensor networks would function.

  • doorbell camera (Forgem/

    Home security cameras, apps enlisted by law enforcement

    Police departments have recently started requesting access to home surveillance, whether it’s through smart doorbells or registering home or business surveillance cameras.

  • voting (vchal/

    Election security gets a bump in appropriations

    Lawmakers approved additional funding for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's election security initiative and the Election Assistance Commission.

  • 5G (Olivier Le Moal/

    5G: Cheers and cautions

    As 5G starts to roll out, cities are laying the groundwork to take advantage of the technology. But not everyone is a fan.

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