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  • Pushing cybersecurity for counties

    The National Association of Counties and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center are encouraging counties to enroll in the free cyber protection program.

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    Early IPP test flights take off

    Under the UAS Integration Pilot Program, San Diego's Fire Department is testing a telepresence and data management platform that allows officials to livestream video from unmanned aerial systems and manage data related to drone flights.

  • NYC zoning map (NYC Planning Labs)

    Mapping NYC's zoning processes

    NYC Planning Labs builds interactive maps and open source tools to explain how New York City's zoning process works.

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    All hands on election security

    Congress, federal agencies and states are working against the clock to shore up security for the midterm elections.

  • LA Metro cars (Walter Cicchetti/

    For LA transit, one payment system to rule them all

    Los Angeles Metro's hybrid system will allow riders to pay for third-party transit options like bike share using the city's transit payment system.

  • police body camera

    How hackers can compromise police bodycams

    Security holes could give hackers a way to access and modify camera footage and track the location of officers wearing the devices.

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    Bringing better data to states' prescription drug monitoring

    Software that powers a cloud-based prescription drug monitoring program has been acquired by NIC, which will use it to expand its own PDMP efforts.

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    Smart cities vulnerable to easy attacks on unsecured connected apps

    Some of the same vulnerabilities that enabled the 2016 Mirai botnet attack can still be found in components of smart city applications, a new study shows.

  • DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

    Public safety tech accelerator debuts

    ResponderXLabs aims to give first responders better access to the public safety technology pipeline.

  • DOT funds anti-gridlock tech

    Can electricity use predict a bad morning commute?

    Data on household electricity consumption could help transit agencies predict morning traffic congestion, new research suggests.

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    Frictionless access to city, county services

    The myWyco app breaks down stovepipes to erase the "blurry" line residents see between services provided by Kansas' Wyandotte County and Kansas City.

  • How local governments can better protect their data and applications

    Software-defined, zero-trust access can lighten the load of an understaffed, underequipped government security team.

  • mobile voting

    West Virginia to expand blockchain-based voting

    After a successful two-county test during the May primary election, the West Virginia secretary of state is planning to expand the effort in November.

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    Another use for drones: Investigating car wrecks

    Police are turning to unmanned aerial vehicles to take high-resolution photos for creating 3D models used by crash investigators.

Topic Resources

  • Buyers Guide: Apple v. Dell Precision Workstations

    When buying a workstation, price-performance matters. But it’s not the only consideration. Also important is aligning features and capabilities with user applications and workloads. So are system optimization, expandability and support. While many buyers — especially in graphics, video and multimedia fields — might consider Apple’s iMac, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models best suited to their needs, they may be selling themselves short in many ways. This paper provides a checklist for buyers to compare Apple’s newest high-end offerings with the latest Dell Precision workstations.

  • The Rugged Truth: TCO of Rugged vs. Non-Rugged Computing Devices

    Are you trying to determine if a rugged notebook or tablet is right for your business? Technology Business Research, Inc.(TBR) found in their recent research, purchasers should understand the true value of their mobile computing by calculating the total cost of ownership to see if a switch to rugged systems is worthwhile. In order to help IT and organizational purchasers make the right computing investment, Dell and Intel® recently worked with VDC Research to understand the true total cost of ownership for rugged vs. non–rugged notebooks and tablets in harsh work environments. Read this white paper to see the costs associated with each scenario and to help you determine if a rugged solution would benefit your business.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Workstation over a PC

    It seems every business sector—automotive, aerospace and defense, heavy industry, consumer goods, even agriculture—wants “smarter” products that will comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) and form the basis for the connected factory of the future. For engineering departments, large and small, that means today’s design engineering teams are being asked to create more complex product designs, simulate more advanced mechanical and electrical phenomena, and virtually assemble components as part of larger systems—all in less time.

  • Selecting the Right Workstation

    Find and configure the right workstation to achieve peak performance and get more for your dollar. Combine the right configuration selections with Dell Precision Optimizer software, which comes loaded on all new Dell Precision workstations powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, with the Dell and third-party tested and certified software applications, and boost productivity, maximize performance and ensure that you have the best possible experience.

  • Real-World Testing Ensures Real-World Performance for Rugged Devices

    The increasingly mobile nature of technology enables computing devices to go out into the field with workers. And computing devices leaving the office face the same perils as their human counterparts. Like workers in the field, the technology needs to be tough enough to survive adverse conditions.

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  • A framework for secure software

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