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  • TouchPass Electronic fare collection (Delerrok Inc.)

    Oregon transit agency tries fare collection as a service

    The cloud-based TouchPass system offers small to mid-size transit agencies an easy way to upgrade to electronic fare collection.

  • cell towers (Thatsaphons/

    FirstNet award finally issued

    The massive broadband public safety network build out will cover 50 states, five U.S. territories and Washington, D.C.

  • officer with radio (John Roman Images/

    DHS adds encryption requirements to responder radio equipment

    The change will help ensure that responders from different jurisdictions using equipment from different manufacturers can communicate securely and successfully.

  • security services (Mikko Lemola/

    Making CDM more accessible to state and local governments

    The General Services Administration acknowledges that purchasing the monitoring and security services has been harder than it has to be.

  • Austin Texas 911 center (

    Attacks, crashes underscore need for new 911 systems

    Recent disruptions in legacy 911 emergency-response systems point up the urgent need for new technology, but few states or localities can afford the upgrades.

  • police officer using computer (John Roman Images/

    NC rolling out upgrade to crime database

    North Carolina’s Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services application is getting a responsive design and multifactor authentication.

  • snowplow (David Dohnal/

    How mobile, big data and citizen engagement help Iowa manage winter emergencies

    By combining location data with information from sensors installed on maintenance vehicles, Iowa can provide web-accessible analytics and applications to help travelers, businesses and state agencies make better decisions.

  • AutoModality drone (Image courtesy of AutoModality)

    Integrated visualization, navigation raise the bar for bridge-inspection drones

    Equipped with stereo cameras, computer vision, onboard computers and sensors, AutoModality’s drones can sense, explore and analyze infrastructure in GPS-denied environments.

  • Philadelphia starts mapping its smart city future

    Philadelphia starts mapping its smart city future

    The city plans to open up stovepiped projects so agencies can share data across an upgraded fiber network.

  • Analyze Boston open data hub

    Boston puts open-data quality first

    The datasets moved to the new Analyze Boston site are up to date, provide metadata and are readily accessible.

  • Free information need not cost a fortune (Shutterstock image)

    Free information need not cost a fortune

    Document management software combined with business process automation can not only cut costs but improve access to government records.

  • Election systems security under increasing scrutiny

    Local elections officials are struggling with maintaining and protecting their election systems, despite offers of help from the Department of Homeland Security.

  • city construction (ShutterStock image)

    Platform helps city workers automate government processes

    The cloud-based workflow platform lets city workers create “processes” for common tasks that are usually done on paper, in person or by visiting multiple websites.

  • taking video at government hearing

    Low-cost video tools for opening government

    The Government Self-Service Toolkit helps live-stream public meetings and provides automated transcriptions and searchable archival storage.

Topic Resources

  • Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    A top challenge for every government agency today is the effective management of cybersecurity risks. Protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as our networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially. In this Executive Insights, you’ll learn how a risk-based approach leveraging automation can provide a solid foundation to your agency’s cybersecurity posture.

  • The Economics of Software-Defined Storage

    Data growth is a standard problem of the modern digital age. Being data driven to remain in business and increase profitability is not an option; rather, it is a necessity. In these complex times, tighter IT budgets along with the need to shift the focus on business requirements are putting added pressures on IT departments. This whitepaper examines a new era of software-defined storage solutions that allows businesses to build out a service-based storage infrastructure in an economically feasible manner.

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  • Students in a Virginia Tech laboratory test Popcorn Linux -- an operating system that can compile different programming languages into a single format. Credit: Dr. Binoy Ravindran

    Popcorn Linux OS gives processors a common language

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