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Okta + Work.com

Contact tracing is a critical tool for slowing the spread of communicable diseases like the Covid-19 coronavirus, by helping admins identify the individuals an infected person has been in contact with to contain widespread transmission. Industry leaders Okta and Work.com combine their best-of-breed solutions in a unique partnership that enables a quick start for a contact tracing initiative that scales.

Leveraging Okta's Identity cloud as the first line of defense against fraud, waste and abuse

As more government organizations move their citizen services to mobile and cloud-based platforms, ensuring the validity of those benefits claims is more important than ever. Many are adopting an identity centric security model as a framework for prevention of risk and fraud.

Right Message. Right People. Right Time : Best Practices for Communicating During COVID-19

You may have been fully prepared for the pandemic, or (as is the case with many companies worldwide), you may have been caught — to one degree or another — flatfooted. Either way, now that the pandemic is upon us, workers have been sent home, our supply chains have been cut and our shareholders are troubled, we want to share some best practices for establishing and maintaining quality communications with them all.

Expert Q&A: Taking Control of Identity Verification

As unemployment rises across the country due to the pandemic, more people than ever are applying for unemployment insurance benefits. Unfortunately, this added pressure on state agencies provides the perfect storm of opportunity for nefarious actors. Download this expert Q&A now to learn more about the risks of fraud and how your agency can best protect itself and your customers.

A Strategic Partnership to Enable an Adapted Workplace

As the world continues to adjust to new ways of living and working, many organizations are looking to plan for the future, reopening offices and evolving continuity strategies.

Advance your Print Ecosystem to the Cloud

HP transitions your entire print ecosystem to the cloud and manages your print software stack. Count on a secure, fully managed printing experience across home, office, public, and shared spaces.

The Role of Paper in a Digital Workplace

Even as organizations become increasingly digital-native, paper-based workflows remain essential

Technology and Transformation: Employee Engagement in a New Era

In this whitepaper, we take a look at five key considerations for enhancing employee engagement, and the increasingly essential role technology plays.

IBM Providing AI Solutions to Government

This IDC Vendor Profile presents IBM’s AI capabilities, including a deeper context of AI in health and human services, agency examples and outcomes achieved via IBM Watson, and IBM’s future plans.

Five Ways to Put Users First in Government

IBM Design Researcher Charlyne Lefebvre-Paillé will walk you through lessons IBM Watson Health has learned for shifting the design process for programs and resources from a focus on features to a focus on users. Learn how your government organization can benefit from user curiosity, discover user stories, and create more robust designs from meaningful failures. Take your first steps towards a user-centric culture. Download the white paper to learn more.

Positive ID: How the right identity strategy does a world of good for government programs

The COVID-19 crisis crystallizes how quickly the demand for public services can escalate and strain resources. It’s more important than ever to have an updated approach to physical and digital identity proofing and verification.

Answering the Call: The Avaya Digital CX Solution

Nothing changes behavior faster than a good crisis—or in this case, a pandemic. Despite years of working to improve contact centers and overall customer experience, the surge in demand for services after the outbreak of COVID-19 forced agencies to move quickly to provide help for thousands—and to do so with a largely remote workforce. Using new technology tools, such as automation services and webchat, government agencies at all levels were able to stand up contact centers, manage data and respond quickly.

Are There Unidentified Gaps in Your Data Protection?

Learn how government agencies can reduce their risks with an all hazards approach to holistic data protection.

Secure Access in the New Digital, Anywhere Workplace

As COVID-19 swept the land, state and local governments rushed to meet new work-from-home (WFH) requirements. Some fared better, some worse, but all achieved increased remote-work capacity.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Four Steps to Successful Implementation

Private, public, and hybrid cloud computing are gaining popularity as companies seek efficient, cost-effective technology and compute solutions that address their needs in real time. For IT teams, the array of connections, integrations, portability issues, resource options, orchestration, and storage options have increased exponentially— as has the complexity of installing and maintaining cloud environments. But technology alone isn’t enough. A thoughtful, strategic, and detailed approach to cloud deployment is essential for success.

Executive Guide to Selecting a Cloud Native Development Platform

Successfully delivering production ready, cloud-native applications and microservices involves many closely related decisions spanning from development frameworks to the cloud platform everything will run on. This guide covers what executives need to know about cloud-native development, microservices, and application modernization approaches to select a cloud-native development platform. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

Healthy Networks: A high-level approach to securing healthcare IT

As news breaks of hospitals in the U.S. that have been hit and damaged by ransomware attacks from a Russian cyber group, health care providers and hospitals need to be hyper vigilant and prepared to protect against all attacks, but especially DNS tunneling, which was used the current round of attacks. Learn how solutions currently available can help protect the extended surface of connected medical devices and how to respond if attacked.

MEETING MISSION: How VMware supports virtual citizen service for state & local government

In the midst of the COVID crisis, state and local government IT leaders have pushed hard to leverage technology in support of citizen services. With people hunkered down and many government offices closed or on skeleton staff, the need to make services available virtually became an urgent priority.

REMOTE WORKING: How VMware supports virtual employees in state & local government

State and local government needs a solution set that ensures employees can continue to be productive in the virtual workspace. Many are seeking enhanced software development and management tools in support of remote work. They’re looking for solutions that bring end-to-end security, visibility and device management to protect sensitive data. Learn how one county turned to VMware to help respond to the increased need for remote-work capabilities and how you can do the same.

Blueprint for a Future-Ready State and Local Government Workforce

From onboarding to everyday workflows, modern management helps IT improve employee experiences for everyone, whether they’re working at home, in the field, or in the office. With intelligent insights and automation, you can improve device health while identifying opportunities to reduce IT costs, improve security, and optimize experiences.

Optimize Your Agency Network for the Distributed Workforce: Eight Ways to Win

From onboarding to everyday workflows, modern management helps IT improve employee experiences for everyone, whether they’re working at home, in the field, or in the office. With intelligent insights and automation, you can improve device health while identifying opportunities to reduce IT costs, improve security, and optimize experiences.

How Government Agencies Can Use Data to Manage Through a Crisis

While some agencies had experience with natural disasters and even public health crises such as Ebola and H1N1, few could envision the information storm that struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when managing, analyzing, and sharing volumes of quickly-changing data in the middle of a crisis seemed impossible, advanced analytics and data visualization models used by agencies across the country served as a critical aid to help communities stabilize and re-open.

Tableau Advances the Era of Smart Analytics

The next breakthroughs in business intelligence (BI) and analytics will see machine learning and artificial intelligence used to improve data access and data quality, uncover previously hidden insights, suggest analyses, deliver predictive analytics, and suggest actions. Download this white paper to get an inside look at these capabilities and how they will benefit customers in the future.

How To Build A Culture Of Self-Service Analytics – And Why You Should

A culture of analytics brings together an organization’s two greatest assets: its people and its data. Employees are encouraged to explore their data, to collaborate, and to share their analysis with others, which drives progress forward. Download now to learn more about how you can start building this culture at your agency.

Five Ways State and Local Governments Use CARES Act Funding

In March, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, earmarking $454 billion of its $2.2 trillion to support businesses, states and municipalities, and establishing the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund for states, territories and tribal governments to use for expenses related to their COVID-19 response. Download this white paper to learn more about the five ways state and local governments use CARES act funding.

Five Lessons Learned from the Pivot to a Distributed Workforce

Now is the time to take advantage of the lessons learned from recent unpredictable events to get ahead of the next crisis and prepare for long-term success with a foundation of resilience and continuity that leads to productivity. Leveraging VMware Future Ready Workforce technologies like VMware Horizon gives organizations a long-term foundation and strategy to drive engagement and productivity through flexible hybrid and multi-cloud VDI and published app deployments. Organizations can quickly scale remote work efforts and deliver a modern and secure digital workspace for employees to work from anywhere. Download now to learn more.

The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability - State and Local Government

State and local agencies and their partners are expecting more – faster delivery of goods and services, and an enhanced user experience. However, it is becoming more difficult to keep up, especially with the constraints the traditional data center brings. To remain competitive, agencies need to find an infrastructure strategy that enables them to seamlessly scale their environments without costly over-provisioning. Many organizations turn to the public cloud, but is it the ideal choice?

Accelerating Digital Public Sector and Healthcare Organizations

For IT teams in in state and local government agencies, infrastructure that connects and secures users, apps, and data makes all the difference in how that organization receives its support. VMware’s solutions give our government partners consistency, flexibility, and freedom of choice to make the best decisions today and tomorrow. In this eBook, you’ll find real-world stories about VMware customers who are realizing new possibilities for their organizations, and achieving their goals along the way.

Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS Buyer's Guide for State and Local Government

VMware Horizon® for VMware Cloud™ on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. It combines the high security standards and capabilities of the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivered as a service on AWS, with the market-leading capabilities of VMware Horizon. Now state and local agencies can leverage the familiar tools and skill sets they have from VMware vSphere® and Horizon for operational consistency and flexibility. Download this guide to understand the best practices for deploying VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Extending Your Data Center with VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US)

United States government agencies and their partners are looking for the flexibility to expand into cloud solutions that comply with high security standards. VMware Cloud™ on AWS GovCloud (US) solves these challenges with consistent infrastructure delivered by the familiar VMware SDDC stack that agencies use on-premises, with familiar vCenter Server interfaces, templates and APIs. Learn more in this new whitepaper.

Citizen Engagement Strategies for Local Governments

Is your local government taking full advantage of opportunities in the "new normal" to improve engagement? Audit your citizen engagement strategies with this Zendesk playbook

Market Insights: Cloud Adoption in the Fast Lane

Many state and local governments had already begun their modernization efforts when the COVID-19 pandemic changed how people work. This GCN survey of IT executives in state and local government reflects what they were hoping to achieve and how the plans shifted with the need to work remotely. Security, which is always a priority moved up as governments had to protect larger attack surfaces. Learn about the challenges local governments face and how they adjusted to respond to those new demands.

Five Things to Know About Mastering the Cloud: A Guide for State and Local Government Agencies

The short history of cloud computing has been interesting and uneven. Today, a more flexible and agile vision of the cloud is emerging – one that will help agencies solve problems ranging from optimizing traffic flows to improving citizen safety. This new cloud approach offers developers and operation teams the consistency and portability to focus on developing solutions rather than reskilling. VMware® Cloud FoundationTM provides the consistent infrastructure that enables agencies to quickly scale, migrate workloads freely, and decouple applications from infrastructure. With VMware, agencies can leverage existing investments and drive their cloud roadmaps at their own pace.

How to Future-Proof Your Infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud and Modern Applications: A Guide for State and Local Government Leaders

Organizations looking to become more agile, nimble and opportunistic in exploiting new business opportunities need an infrastructure strategy that gets away from frequent, expensive and resource-consuming component upgrades. Instead, HCI has rapidly become the infrastructure model of choice for enterprises looking to fully leverage hybrid cloud, modernized applications and other business-transformative initiatives.

Accelerating Digital Public Sector and Healthcare Organizations

For IT teams in federal agencies, infrastructure that connects and secures users, apps, and data makes all the difference in how that organization receives its support. VMware’s solutions give our federal partners consistency, flexibility, and freedom of choice to make the best decisions today and tomorrow. In this eBook, you’ll find real-world stories about VMware customers who are realizing new possibilities for their organizations, and achieving their goals along the way.

Forrester: Tension Between IT and Security Professionals Reinforcing Siloes and Security Strain

Although IT and Security teams shoulder the responsibility of many mission-critical tasks in organizations, they often are not aligned under a unified strategy. To assess how a common IT and security strategy can break down silos across the two teams, VMware commissioned Forrester to survey 1,400+ manager level and above IT/security professionals along with CIOs and CISOs.

Application Centric Pathways to the Hybrid Cloud: A Guide for Building a Modern Cloud Strategy for State and Local Governments

The SDDC is revolutionizing businesses around the world. Like any technology, understanding how the SDDC works and how to leverage it across your OWN private, public and edge environments is the key to unlocking its full potential. When building a new hybrid cloud, what's the best way to ensure it will meet your unique requirements and expectations? Learn about common pathways organizations are forging that leverage consistent infrastructure and a consistent operational model to get the most out of both on-premises and off-premises environments.

Securing the Data Center in Just 4 Steps

In this whitepaper you will learn a straightforward way to get started with an internal firewall, how protecting east-west traffic via an internal firewall secures critical applications from the lateral movement of attackers, how deploying an internal firewall delivers unprecedented, data center-wide visibility into traffic flows, why an internal firewall eliminates the complexity, expense, and limitations of traditional perimeter firewalls, and more.

ESG: Exploring Hybrid Cloud Adoption & the Complexity of Securing East-West Traffic

ESG surveyed IT decision-makers about their organizations’ cloud priorities and perceptions. Based on the research, ESG shares industry viewpoints and takeaways on hybrid, multi-cloud approaches to infrastructure, as well as consistent policy enforcement and centralized control across hybrid environments.

Is Your State or Local Agency Network Future-Ready?

By re-thinking how they connect, secure, and operate multiple clouds, organizations gain the freedom to innovate across clouds. Learn what multi-cloud success looks like, including migrating to the cloud at minimal cost and risk, seamless operations across multiple clouds with existing tools, policies, and skills, scaling to the cloud as needed, and paying only for what is needed, enabling self-service architecture, and delivering modern apps built on Kubernetes.

4 Reasons to Embrace Multi-Cloud with Network Virtualization

To get ahead of the demands of today’s digital business, IT teams must complete the final building block of the software-defined foundation. Virtualizing your network is crucial – download this guide to learn how virtualized networking frees you from rigid refresh cycles, why thinking software-first is critical to your organization’s success, and why protecting the data center perimeter is no longer enough.

Secure, Frictionless Digital Services During COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recession is increasing the demand for digital services like never before. At the same time, agencies must contend with increasing cybersecurity and fraud threats. Our “Secure, Frictionless Digital Services During COVID-19 and Beyond” eBook, where we discuss a critical missing piece in many digital strategies: global digital identity assurance.

Alleviate Technical Debt

Organizations invest money, time, and training in their existing infrastructure and need to maximize its value and return. Technical debt often leaves little time for innovation, and studies show that IT organizations spend 71% of their budgets on continuing maintenance. Optimizing your IT environment can help you reduce the technical debt of your current infrastructure so IT can pursue strategic projects that support business initiatives. IT optimization is the process of incrementally and methodically assessing and standardizing infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, and these efforts can reduce IT environment operating costs by 20%.

Government transformation with open hybrid cloud

Developers and operations teams want to modernize legacy applications and infrastructure to scale and update more easily but business leaders are rightfully worried about costs. Open hybrid cloud can help your organization streamline operations, optimize IT support, develop and deliver apps faster, improve processes with automation, and enhance security.

Red Hat named a leader among multicloud container development platforms

Red Hat was named a leader among a field of 8 multicloud container platform vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Container Development Platforms 2020 Q3 report. The analyst firm evaluated vendors and their products against 29 criteria across 3 categories—current offering, strategy, and market presence—and gave Red Hat the top scores in the strategy and market presence categories, as well as the highest score in the current offering category. This must-read evaluation will help prospective multicloud container platform customers evaluate different providers by their current offerings and long-term strategies.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy For Dummies®

Jumping onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is somewhat trickier. Getting it right for the long term is even more challenging. A good cloud strategy helps you and your organization work things out, makes sure all the bits and pieces fit together well, and improves the odds of realizing your business goals. We hope that, if you read this book in its entirety, you’ll agree that you’ve been handed the ingredients and a sequence of steps to put such a strategy together.

Innovations, Data, and Security are Driving Digital Transformation in the Intelligence Community

Check out this whitepaper to learn how Dell Technologies can help support your remote work force and drive digital transformation.

Executive Briefing Series: Leaders in Innovation, Cloud Edition

Learn about how agencies are moving to the cloud and making decisions about what belongs on the cloud, what should stay on-premise, and how the hybrid environment works best for the agency.

Protecting the Data That Matters Most

Learn about the best practices to simplify data protection and compliance from Tony Encinias, chief strategy and innovation officer, Dell Technologies.

The Perfect Storm Behind the Rise of AI

Find out how more data, affordable computing power, and better algorithms are making AI accessible for government agencies.