NIST releases analytics roadmap for responder tech

NIST releases analytics roadmap for responder tech

To foster the effective use of data analytics by public safety organizations, the National Institutes for Standards and Technology has released a roadmap that outlines identifies gaps in current technologies and potential research and development opportunities.

“First responders are gaining access to large amounts of new data from diverse sources, and we need to be able to process it without overwhelming public safety,” Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews said. “This roadmap allows NIST to begin to chart an R&D course to ensure that new data constructively transforms the way first responders carry out their missions.”

The roadmap highlights R&D opportunities in three areas:

Software to integrate multiple data sources and improve data processing capabilities:

  • Create an information and analysis center for sharing public safety data
  • Define a set of standards and processing models for Internet of Things applications
  • Partner with social media analytics firms on tools that can analyze physical attributes and biometrics in images

Devices that create, collect, store, process and transmit data and that are part of the communications infrastructure:

  • Define requirements for on-device recording and storing of communications
  • Develop an analytics framework for integrating data from public safety devices and sensors
  • Define data standards and exchange protocols for responder-worn sensors

Networks to support network self-optimization and decentralization of networks:

  • Investigate modularization of network components to create resilient mesh networks
  • Develop a network-based way for discovering and delivering critical content to public safety users
  • Create a standard for what information and capabilities are needed during specific emergency situations.

The Public Safety Analytics Roadmap will also guide planning for public safety communications research, including how to allocate the $300 million NIST is to receive from the 2015 AWS-3 spectrum auction.

This is NIST’s second roadmap to guide advancements in public safety communications. Last year the agency released a roadmap addressing location-based services research.

Read the Public Safety Analytics Roadmap here.

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