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Are Hybrid Clouds the Answer?

There’s an old management axiom that says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” One possible addition to that bit of wisdom might be, “You can’t measure what you can’t see.” For government agency IT managers, whose job it is to ensure system uptime, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track performance across the IT infrastructure and its various systems and applications. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn how agencies are achieving true enterprise visibility through monitoring data from all sources.

Data Center Infrastructure Management Infographic

Under the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), federal agencies need to get their data center’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.5 by September 2018 to remain open. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) assists in managing critical infrastructure in and around the data center. Learn how StruxureWare for Data Centers from Schneider Electric can help you comply with DCOI in this interactive graphic.

Flash Storage Buyer's Guide

This guide covers all product classes and where they can be best applied, as well as what the key elements are for each to avoid potential pitfalls in the selection process. We’ll show you where you can be easily confused by vendors, and provide you with tools to make the best possible decision based on your environment and your applications.

The New Desktop Normal: Evolving Agencies Demand New PC Possibilities

Discover the next generation of desktop computing. Today’s government organizations need to do more with less: less space, less budget and less time to waste.

Connected Government in Action

With exponentially growing data demands driving the development of an ever more robust digital infrastructure, government agencies like yours often struggle to keep pace. Learn how Lenovo helps government agencies transform themselves. This insightful eBook—featuring examples from the transportation, healthcare, and public safety sectors—demonstrates how we can help your agency use big data to strike the perfect balance between ensuring operational efficiency and driving innovation.

Get Connected: A Checklist for Smarter, More Effective Government

It’s been said that throughout history, the only constant is change — and nowhere is that more true than within the government. Demands change on a daily basis, and only the most well connected agencies will be able to keep up.

Cloud Encryption Gateways: Technical Overview

The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway transparently encrypts all data that is migrated from the enterprise data center to cloud storage. This paper provides a technical overview of the product, detailing the most significant components and describing operational aspects.

Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization

Should you encrypt everything? There has never been more options for encrypting data across applications, databases, servers, storage, and the entire datacenter (and the cloud). This report from Securosis cuts through the confusion to help you pick the best encryption and tokenization options for your projects.

Mobile Security: Agency Workers on the Move

The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the modern workplace. Employees can stay fully engaged and connected no matter where they’re working. However, supporting a seamless mobile workforce requires enterprise-grade mobile security. Keith Fuentes, VP of Samsung KNOX, tells FCW how advanced mobile security technology, and the processes to match, can pay off in increased employee productivity, cost savings and a truly secure mobile workforce.

Power Player: Nothing Beats Experience

Download this informative Power Player Report, featuring Akamai's resident expert on government web and security needs Tom Ruff, Vice President of Public Sector to learn how he keeps the company focused on developing solutions to optimize web performance and security.

Forbes Insights Report: How Agencies Achieve Results in the Cloud

Through interviews with over a dozen senior executives from a range of government agencies, consultancies and technology providers, Forbes Insights examines the state of cloud adoption by government and the likelihood it will soon accelerate.

Case Management in the Government Cloud

The Empowering the Business of Government eBook shares practical advice on how agencies can communicate more efficiently and effectively with the community.

Government Cybersecurity Imperative: A Microsoft Perspective

The U.S. national government has embraced the reality that cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges we face in our digital economy. Find out how Microsoft is working every day to enhance the security of our cloud and our customers.

Insider’s Guide to Police Body-Worn Video

Body-worn camera technology is a part of more informed police work. Learn valuable lessons from departments that have deployed this technology and have already seen results in The Insider’s Guide to Police Body-Worn Camera Video.

Intelligent Storage Enables Next Generation Surveillance & Security Infrastructure

Digital storage systems are being used for many massive multi camera IT systems, and storing recorded video footage becomes equally as important as recording. 1K, 4K, 8K megapixel cameras require such gigantic storage space that Network Video Recorders can hardly handle more than a handful of them simultaneously. This white paper explains how this situation can be efficiently circumvented, showing a progressive migration path from the current state of the industry’s IP video solutions, up to tomorrow’s storage centric architectures.

Contract Guide: Facing Down Cyberthreats with CDM

When the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program was first launched several years ago, the intent was to strengthen the overall security posture for federal agency IT across the board. It hasn’t been without its challenge, but it has enjoyed some success as well. Following several very public and damaging attacks this year at the Office of Personnel Management and the IRS, the pace of this program rollout will most likely increase. There is certainly pressure to do so. The first two phases of the three-phase rollout are well underway, and phase three is beginning. Federal agencies are realizing how to integrate this into their procurement strategies and priorities.

The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services

Picking an ECM provider isn't just a software investment. In a fast-changing world you need to know the platform you choose can evolve with your Agency’s needs. This independent report from Forrester Consulting will help you evaluate how Alfresco stacks up against other ECM vendors.

4 Trends Disrupting Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The needs of Government Agencies are growing beyond the bounds of legacy ECM systems. But what’s changed in the way that citizens, Government employees and other stakeholders expect in terms of how digital records are created, shared & processed? Download this ECM eBook to learn more.

Meet with Anyone, Anywhere — Securely

Be more productive, collaborative, and get more done faster using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center — the proven industry leader in web and video conferencing. As a FedRAMP compliant service, you can use Cisco WebEx to hold regular meetings with anyone — regardless of location. Manage projects, host meetings, and make faster, more informed decisions by keeping everyone on the same page with meetings that allow everyone to see, hear, and view the same information at the same time. And host engaging and creative sessions with colleagues, internal teams and other agencies.

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing

Go ahead. Create and join meetings easily from your computer or mobile device. Invite participants to share content in real time. See who you’re talking to. All in a highly secure environment. This is now reality for government agencies, thanks to Cisco WebEx® Web Conferencing, a FedRAMP-compliant service.

Don't Risk It Infographic

Download this informative infographic to learn how you can meet and collaborate on the web with anybody, anywhere, at a moment's notice and most importantly, without worrying about security.

Infographic: Modern Software Development

The process of modern software development incorporates agile development practices to more quickly deliver higher quality applications. Download this useful infographic to get a step by step view of how to best navigate your organization through this process.

21st Century Emergency Management

Today, the societal needs have become very interconnected. Many complexities exist for the societal infrastructure such as power, water, and medical services – as well as the most basic economic activities.

COPLINK Everywhere

COPLINK® Everywhere puts IBM i2 COPLINK access on an officer’s mobile handheld device. i2 COPLINK is a flexible, scalable solution suite that can support a variety of law enforcement needs. Its core capabilities derive from the large COPLINK database.

IDC Intellligence-Led Security

A significant challenge for many organizations has been enabling their analysts to find the "unknown unknown." Whether that unknown is malware lurking within the enterprise or within slight variations in fraudulent transactions, the result has been the same: enterprises continue to fall victim to cybercrime. IBM is addressing this challenge with IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis. By pairing multi-dimensional visual analysis capabilities with powerful analytics tools, IBM is giving the analyst team an effective early-detection, cyber intelligence weapon for its arsenal.

Build a Foundation for the Cloud

Government agencies are becoming more comfortable with the concept of cloud computing. They’re seizing on benefits such as scalability, flexibility and cost savings. However, hybrid cloud environments are also placing new demands on infrastructure. Agency IT execs are realizing resiliency, agility, security and simplicity aren’t just buzzwords—they’re requirements that must be met. Download this exclusive Digital Dialogue to learn how agencies are addressing the growing demands.

SmartRow® Micro Data Center for the Tampa Bay Rays

Small spaces and edge of network computing can deploy a self-contained infrastructure in almost any room. See why the Tampa Bay Rays selected the SmartRow® micro data center from Emerson Network Power to provide power and protection for their unique computing needs.

How to Evaluate DDoS Mitigation Providers: Four Critical Criteria

How can you be sure that the DDoS mitigation services provider you bring on board can deliver on the promise to stop the Internet’s largest and most sophisticated attacks? This white paper explores four critical criteria on which to evaluate DDoS mitigation providers before signing on the dotted line. Akamai has developed key questions related to each to help you evaluate a provider’s threat intelligence, experience, mitigation capabilities and capacity. Our guidance is based on Akamai’s practical experience in proven mitigation approaches for different DDoS attack scenarios, as well as on our keen insight into the minds and strategies of cybercriminals and DDoS attackers.

Research Report: Digital Government Strategies

Across all levels of state and federal government, agencies are embracing the shift to digital services. Many of the moving pieces continue to evolve and work together such as: the steady move to the cloud, the increase in mobile device usage, and the cultural shifts. Download this research report to access further findings from a recent survey covering the strategies for digital government.

Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

IBM Smarter Cities Emergency Management solutions incorporate a range of technologies from IBM and IBM Business Partners to address emergency management challenges. These solutions assist cities in collecting, analyzing and distributing key information among agencies and first responders.

Agile and Efficient Citizen Services

The regulations and policies that govern health and human services change frequently. Even minor adjustments wreak havoc on state and local agencies that provide those services. That’s one reason many government agencies are turning to business rules management systems (BRMS) to simplify adhering to new and constantly changing requirements. At its core, a BRMS is software that helps officials make the right decision at the right time with business agility. Download this Digital Dialogue to learn more about selecting the right BRMS for your agency.

Enterprise Insight Analysis

Whether they are part of a business or working for a government organization, today’s investigators, security specialists and intelligence analysts are facing extraordinary pressure to respond quickly to a wide range of threats — from cyber attacks, terrorist threats, criminality, and unethical and immoral activities. These attacks are especially challenging as societies are increasing their reliance on cyberspace for economic growth, societal well-being, government operations and critical infrastructure monitoring and management. Concurrent with the increase in cyberspace reliance is an increase in cyberspace vulnerability. This vulnerability is amplified by an increasing frequency and complexity of attacks and highly variable, diverse and rapidly evolving threats. As such, there is a greater burden on organizations to respond in real time.

A Proven Security Intelligence Model for Combating Cyber Threats: A Reference Model for IT Security Practitioners

Cyber security is a journey, not a destination. It takes time and resources to mature any significant organizational capability, and achieving significant reductions in MTTD and MTTR is no different. However, for organizations determined to reduce their cyber security risk posture, it is a capability that must be invested in. LogRhythm’s unified platform approach and flexible product architecture allow an organization to adopt and mature capabilities over time, comfortable in the fact that subsequent investments will build on previous steps along the maturity model. Download this article to learn more!

Combatting Advanced Threat with Endpoint Security Intelligence

IBM BigFix and IBM Security QRadar solutions empower IT teams to view up-to-the-minute endpoint intelligence within the context of other vulnerability data, prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation and quickly take corrective action to help minimize risks.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence: Evidence of Value

In this report, Ponemon Institute presents findings from in-depth interviews with enterprises who switched to IBM Security QRadar from another Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. The reports summarizes their rationale for switching SIEM providers as well as metrics on the deployment and performance in managing and containing network traffic anomalies.

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study of IBM Security Guardium

In September 2015, IBM commissioned Forrester Research consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that organizations may realize by deploying IBM Security Guardium. The study uncovered that organizations achieve cost and risk reductions while increasing productivity and tactical efficiencies from implementing IBM Security Guardium. Read the study to learn more.

Bring Order to Hybrid Clouds

While many government agencies are choosing a hybrid cloud approach to realize the primary benefits of both private and public clouds, many are realizing additional benefits of opting for an open source-based hybrid cloud. A standard hybrid cloud still entails managing cloud software components from multiple vendors and ensuring all applications and data are properly integrated. When agencies take the open source-based approach, they can simplify migration to a hybrid cloud, while also realizing the agility and flexibility of open source.

Monitoring is a Security Essential

As government agencies migrate to the cloud, they are working to adhere to the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act, launched by the Office of Management and Budget in 2012 to improve federal network security. Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring (CDM) is the foundation of this security initiative. CDM aims to improve security by watching round the clock for intrusions, vulnerabilities and other potentially malicious activity.

Open Source Drives the Agile Cloud

More government agencies are moving data and applications to the cloud. In doing so, the first major decision is choosing the best platform for the job: public, private or hybrid. Another option has been emerging of late—the open hybrid cloud. With open hybrid cloud platforms, government agencies are finding greater efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

Snapshot: Effective Incident Response

Preparing an effective incident response plan is no longer a luxury. It’s an essential component of an organization’s security strategy. Ensuring your organization is preparing a comprehensive and truly effective response plan requires a multi-faceted approach, as outlined in this special report.

Game Changing Technology to Meet Agency Mission

State and local government agencies are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies to shorten response times and enhance the service they provide to constituents. These efforts span everything from issuing a permit online, to performing more inspections or resolving tickets from citizens in a call center. All these advances have one thing in common they require more agile, scalable, cost-effective data storage. Download this game changer to learn more!

The Evolution of the Best Practice

Business best practices, like the paperless office, are designed for efficiency and optimization. Yet best practices are constantly evolving, and incorporate the latest enabling technologies to continuously improve optimal procedures and processes. Download this informative report to learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

Attack on all Fronts: Defend, Detect, Decide and Defeat

It is time for you to rethink your current security so you can forge your way forward without fear. It is time for a strategy that will help us confidently navigate the various risks new technologies and innovations pose to enterprises and agencies so that you can go about achieving your missions and operational objectives. Built on the successful integration of Websense®, Raytheon Cyber Products and the recently-acquired Stonesoft next-generation firewall (NGFW) business, learn how Forcepoint brings a fresh approach to address the constantly evolving cybersecurity challenges and regulatory requirements facing businesses and government agencies - and how they can help you.

eBook: The Right Infrastructure Strategy to Support Bimodal IT Capabilities

Chances are good that your IT organization is supporting a large number of core business applications—and they’re probably under extreme pressure to deliver innovation for the business at a moment’s whim. But to do both effectively, your IT infrastructure better boast some very specific characteristics—such as a bimodal model—but why?

Blending cloud-native and conventional applications

Most cloud native applications rely on conventional system integrations to deliver business value. Cloud native apps are optimized for agility and speed, but conventional apps bring the security and stability enterprises need in their infrastructures. Download this whitepaper to learn the ten lessons from early adopters for successful integration of cloud native and traditional applications.

Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Threat Analysis

Securing your infrastructure, your customer interactions and protecting your data are critical to preserving your reputation and your bottom line. Today’s cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of getting past any network security. IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next generation intelligence solution that enables organizations to incorporate cyber threat analysis into their security strategy and turn their defense into a proactive offense. Download this article to learn more!

Beyond Borders: Tracing the impacts of Smarter Public Safety, Frost and Sullivan

See how law enforcement agencies are pursuing more effective public safety by taking advantage of advances in predictive analytics and collaboration technologies.

Drive Data to Decision

Data and information assist the decisions made during military defense operations. In this eBook, we look at the rapidly evolving use of advanced analytics in defense intelligence.

The Awakening of Cyber Threat Analysis

Discover a new approach to a seemingly unsolvable cyber problem. A new specialty of cyber threat analysis, also referred to as cyber analysis, is an emerging discipline focusing on advanced threats. The analyst, crucial to the analysis process, will use their intuition and experience to discover hidden threats and develop patterns of threat activity over time. In order to maximize an analyst’s capability and multiply their work capacity, a mature security organization must use a data analysis tool to enrich, produce, visualize and analyze information. Read more to find out the critical tools needed to keep your organization safe.

What is Cyber Threat Analysis?

What is Cyber Threat Analysis? Human-led analysis and computer-driven analytics equal actionable insights that protect data and neutralize cyber threats. Download this infographic to learn more!