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    How cities can prepare for blockchain

    Blockchain technology can improve government efficiency by optimizing everyday tasks and interactions, a new National League of Cities report says.

  • Sacramento drives digital license plate test

    The plates will provide fleet management data to the city, allow drivers to renew registrations online and even flash emergency messages.

  • Laying the groundwork for 5G

    Efforts by Congress, local governments and industry are converging to deploy the 5G technology that will power smart cities.

  • Connected vehicles pilots pave the way to autonomy

    A fully autonomous automotive ecosystem is still decades down the road, but experts say vehicles will be communicating with roadside infrastructure much sooner.


    Making security hygiene a priority

    Despite being a prime target for cyber attackers, government agencies can maintain day-to-day system health by quickly spotting and remediating vulnerabilities.

  • County optimizes existing ERP while laying the groundwork for a new system

    As Multnomah County, Ore., prepares to switch to a new ERP solution, it's getting third-party support for its customized SAP platform.

  • NIST builds drone forensics dataset

    The reference resource will help officials pull data from captured devices that ensures the evidence is preserved and usable in court.

  • FedRAMP looks to NIST for security control refinements

    To speed cloud authorizations, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is automating security control assessments and accrediting third-party assessors.

  • FAA to convene two-day discussion on multiple-drone operation

    An RFI from the Federal Aviation Administration seeks expert input on multiple-unmanned aircraft systems operations ahead of a mid-September event.

  • OMB drafts 'Cloud Smart' strategy

    The Office of Management and Budget expects to release new guidance to help agencies move to the cloud.