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    How does the refreshed Section 508 rule affect your agency?

    The updates help set the tone for what the federal government sees as a baseline for accessibility policies.

  • Self-improvement for autonomous systems

    DARPA wants to leverage machine learning to help self-piloting systems teach themselves to become safer.

  • NASA calls on cloud for online eclipse streaming

    The space agency's cloud platform has been scaled up to support millions of people live-streaming the Aug. 21 event.

  • LENSAlert touches residents where they live (literally)

    The emergency alert service in Louisville, Ky., sends notifications to smart devices via If This Then That applets.

  • Oregon DMV overhaul drives Real-ID compliance

    In tandem with its work toward complying with the Real ID Act, Oregon is modernizing computer systems at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • NIST tackles smart grid framework update

    The entire energy ecosystem has shifted since the National Institute of Standards and Technology last updated its guidelines for smart grid interoperability.

  • Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyber threat

    Some of the most talented and dangerous cyber warriors and criminals come from Russia, a long-time meddler in other nations' digital systems.

  • Verizon proposes FirstNet alternative

    Pulled from the company's commercial 4G LTE network, the public safety offering would include preemption services and access to Band 14 spectrum.

  • VA seeks BPM bots

    The Department of Veterans Affairs' Financial Services Center is interested in adding robotic automation to its business process management suite.

  • Chicago automates registration of Airbnb hosts

    The system compares rental listings from Airbnb with city databases to identify properties ineligible for short-term rentals.