Top Stories

  • USGS to tweak software after false earthquake alert

    The process will now include a human to verify changes are correct before updates are made.

  • Smartphone cameras monitor road conditions

    The RoadBotics web-based app collects roadway data through the camera on any smartphone and delivers analysis of that data via the cloud.

  • Quantum bits: Research partnerships, building an ecosystem

    Recent news from the quantum-computing front.


    Barcode technology still delivers efficiencies

    Barcodes save agencies time and reduce costs by efficiently tracking and managing assets, streamlining workflows and reducing human error.

  • Fast, robust deployments, little bureaucracy fuels shadow cloud use

    Cloud "offers a kind of instant gratification and nimbleness that is very good for research," one research director said.

  • Using neural nets to snag malware before it strikes

    NFrame, a hardware-based artificial neural network monitors the details of program activity at the machine level, learning how programs should execute.

  • Data USA adds new functionality

    The ability to download and compare data makes it easier to work with public data.


    Mitigating government's risks in a cloud-based world

    While the adoption of cloud technologies does not remove IT responsibility for data protection, the shift may obscure areas of risk.

  • IFTTT digs into government data

    If This Then That's Data Access Project offers hundreds of applets with information from 40 federal agencies, nonprofits, transit authorities, city and state governments.


    Hybrid IT and data security musts

    The key to an agency's successful cloud or hybrid IT implementation is to understand and maximize its cloud security posture in advance of the move.