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    How blockchain can transform the public sector

    Government agencies are taking their cues on blockchain from commercial industries, such as banking, education, manufacturing and retail.

  • Facial recognition in the dark

    Army researchers have developed a way to enhance images from night-vision cameras to match them with photos in existing biometric face databases or on watch lists.

  • Taking down malicious drones

    The White House has proposed allowing the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to detect and disable drones that pose a safety or security threat to specific U.S.-based assets or missions.

  • TSA plans to add machine learning to carry-on baggage scans

    The Transportation Security Agency plans to incorporate machine learning into the computer tomography scanners at airport security checkpoints.

  • NIST lays groundwork for encrypting IoT devices

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants feedback on draft requirements for standardizing lightweight cryptography for internet-of-things devices.

  • A call for global action on cyberattacks

    The unprecedented security risks posed by artificial intelligence and machine learning demand an array of technological, legal and policy countermeasures, a new report says.

  • Elections officials explore security options

    Despite new financial support from Congress, local officials say they need more help securing their election systems ahead of the 2018 elections.

  • Are you sure that application belongs in the cloud?

    There are great savings and efficiencies to be had, government cloud leaders say, but only if agencies do their homework.

  • CBP fields new handheld drug detectors

    To fight the rising tide of illegal drugs flowing into the country, Customs and Border Patrol agents are using lighter handheld, non-intrusive detection technology.

  • Advancing AI with grand challenges, greater security

    The last of three hearings on artificial intelligence examined challenges to the technology and government's role in driving AI forward.