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  • Pushing cybersecurity for counties

    The National Association of Counties and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center are encouraging counties to enroll in the free cyber protection program.

  • Early IPP test flights take off

    Under the UAS Integration Pilot Program, San Diego's Fire Department is testing a telepresence and data management platform that allows officials to livestream video from unmanned aerial systems and manage data related to drone flights.

  • Mapping NYC's zoning processes

    NYC Planning Labs builds interactive maps and open source tools to explain how New York City's zoning process works.

  • All hands on election security

    Congress, federal agencies and states are working against the clock to shore up security for the midterm elections.

  • ReadMe

    Mitigating the risks of military AI

    A new report urges researchers to focus less on automated combat and more on defensive machine learning.

  • Alternative to TIC-based VPN gets FedRAMP approval

    Zscaler's Private Access-Government platform allows users to create a trust-to-trust connection that meets the federal government's encryption guidelines and allows traffic to bypass the trusted internet connection mandate.

  • Cleaning up cyber hygiene

    Government agencies generally practice better cyber hygiene than most industry sectors, a new survey found.

  • Why agencies are turning to object storage

    Popularized as a way for cloud providers to house massive amounts of unstructured data, object storage's biggest benefit is its ability to meet modern storage needs.

  • VA tackles user experience

    The Department of Veterans Affairs wants a modernized site and an app for personalized health care management that deliver a digital experience on par with the private sector.

  • DHS agencies test airport biometric ID

    The Traveler Verification System can shave 15 minutes off of traditional manual methods of comparing passenger ID photos against larger databases, according to airports and airline partners where it is being tested.