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  • Biometric ID spots imposters at land crossing

    Customs and Border Protection’s biometric entry/exit identification system nabbed two men attempting to cross from Mexico into the U.S. using someone else’s border-crossing cards.

  • RPA sees real deployment, but lacks standards

    As agencies experiment with robotic process automation, the lack of credentialing standards could be holding back deployment of the technology in government, experts say.


    Best practices for performance metrics

    When possible, government agencies should report a variety of critical measures -- including both leading and lagging measures -- to present a balanced view of the facts.

  • Why is it so hard to get an accurate vote count?

    Different ballots, voting machines, registration and eligibility requirements and administrative procedures for counting votes is a recipe for occasional confusion and miscounts.


    AI adoption: Don't ignore the fundamentals

    Computing power, networking and storage are the foundational elements that enable the incredible work of AI, but unless they move forward at the same rate, the process will be off balance and other technologies will be held back.

  • How data centers power Virginia's Loudoun County

    Bandwidth and connectivity have attracted data services and cloud providers to the Northern Virginia county that reaps a large tax return on its investment.

  • Why the US needs better crime reporting statistics

    Crime measurements have been contentious since crime reporting began in 1929, but the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System, scheduled to roll out in 2020, may help.


    Get smart: How data is changing the way we move around cities

    New technologies can help governments improve the way citizens travel by providing convenient, fast and cost-effective mobility.

  • Giving workers the power to automate

    National Science Foundation officials said employees can help build robotic process automation tools to make their work easier.

  • Aerial photos best satellite imagery for Durham public works

    The frequent, high-quality images and a web service map make it easier for Durham, N.C., to bill stormwater runoff fees.